Drone and Bird

Birds and Dron

All about the Drone and Bir: How to fly with a drone with a parrot, The use of the drone is increasing dramatically, and these devices can affect the tranquility of parrots and other animals. . Animals may behave aggressively or flee in the presence of the drone.

First of all, the size of the drone and the noise that generates will condition the reaction of the birds.
And it’s not its shape that will attract a bird to it.

Today, flying in a drone has become a hobby, a dear hobby, but for many, it feels like returning to childhood with our remote-controlled car.

Modern drones are getting cheap and easy to use. Our devices have new functions and features.

Before tackling the subject of the drone and parrots, our little animals (drones) today enter into the protection of endangered species and into ecological research. Today, we even see emergency services using drones in research.

In Brazil, we use it offroad to analyze the track over 3km before crossing a river.


Parrot Drone



Birds and drones evolve in the same territory, that is to say, the sky.

We move between the ground and 150m above sea level. It goes without saying that a drone can be perceived by a bird as an intrusion or a danger.

Today specialists are studying the question.

But in the vast majority of cases, the reactions range from heightened vigilance and flight to fun for the Macaws in Brazil that I have been lucky enough to meet.

Often the birds do not even react to the drone which passes near them. But there is a lot of factors that come into play.

A device with a remote-controlled airplane engine, a heat-engine helicopter, disturbs a bird more than a drone because the electric motor makes less noise.

Mavic 2 Pro or a Phantom for example will scare away a bird directly. (Large majority of cases).

Then the birds of small sizes will literally flee while the large ones will react more.

You should know that the lack of reaction can also be a sign of stress.


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