Teaching a parrot to fly outside


Teaching a parrots to fly outside


Teaching a Bird to Fly OUTSIDE! | Parrot Training Podcast Ep. 15


Teaching a parrot to fly outside


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Good evening, I will try to explain to you a bit how I train my parrots for a free flight. Teaching a parrot to fly outside, First of all, I apologize for the spelling mistakes because I will not write in French for 24 years and I can have at times a few small problems explaining myself well.

Anyway if someone doesn’t understand what I’m saying let me know, okay?

First of all, I will answer a question that Piloui asked me about if the fact of making fly raptors in free flight made it easier for me to train my parrots?

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Well, I tell you that it really made training easier for me. For me in particular, it seemed much easier to train my parrots for free flight than the other birds that I have previously flown in free flight (falcon, golden eagle, griffon vulture, various species of owls, crows. , nozzles, etc.).

I want to clarify that all my parrots I raised myself by hand except the rauna which was 6 months old when I bought it. Me, in particular, I give great importance to the socialization of the young parrot by often taking it outside so that it becomes familiar with different noises, dogs, cars, etc …

and I take this opportunity to give the mash when they are outside. All this when they are about two and a half months old. At the age of 3 months, I start to work on the remainder inside and I reward them with his mash. Normally, working like this, they learn very quickly.

When I see that I have a perfect reminder (for me a perfect reminder is when I barely raise my arm my parrot arrives directly).

Not to be confused with a parrot that comes without being called. At this moment I go outside and I start again from zero to remind him of very close after little by little I move away and again I reward him with the mash.

If he eats 3 times a day I remind him 3 times a day. When I work on the reminder with a parrot at 98 ° / 0, sometimes I only call it back once and I give it its mash. You might be wondering why am I doing this? It’s simple, the parrot associates the reminder with a pleasant thing, which in this case is the mash.

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Teaching a parrot to fly outside

During this stage of the training, I take this opportunity to teach him to descend from the top of a tree. This is an exercise that many people do not work on and which is vitally important to me before letting the young parrot fly without a harness. Because many parrots have a very good recall on the ground but once posed at the top of a tree they are afraid of going down.

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Once I have a perfect indoor and outdoor recall I start to fly the parrot without a harness What I do when the parrot flies without a harness is fly on an empty stomach and at the end of the flight, I give it its mash. My birds do not fly hungry but with an appetite.

If I have a very good relationship with my parrots, for me it is not enough to let them fly in a free flight. I accompany this work with the control of his appetite. It gave me good results and I worked with my 4 macaws and my 2 conures like that. My 2 chloroptera and my military macaw at 4 months were already free flyings.

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