Finsch’s Pygmy-Parrot

Finschs Pygmy-Parrot

Micropsitta finschii Scientific name definitions

  • LC Least Concern
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8–9 cm; 12–18 g. Green throughout 

© John and Jemi HolmesRennell and Bellona, Solomon Islands 06 Apr 2013Macaulay Library ML 205932631eBird S65185997

, paler on underparts 

© Lars PeterssonMakira-Ulawa, Solomon Islands 27 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919261eBird S65189367

; vague blue around base of lower mandible; black spotting on median wing-coverts; belly spot orange-red; undertail-coverts 

© Lars PeterssonMakira-Ulawa, Solomon Islands 27 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919251eBird S65189367

yellow; tail 

© Lars PeterssonIsabel, Solomon Islands 19 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919291eBird S65189276

greenish blue centrally, black laterally. Female 

© Lars PeterssonMakira-Ulawa, Solomon Islands 27 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919241eBird S65189367

has pink around base of lower mandible, no belly spot. Immature 

© Lars PeterssonMakira-Ulawa, Solomon Islands 27 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919271eBird S65189367

similar. Race aolae darker above, with blue patch on crown and no belly spot; tristrami  like nominate without belly spot; nanina 

© Lars PeterssonIsabel, Solomon Islands 19 Jul 2015Macaulay Library ML 205919301eBird S65189276

like aolae but with less blue on crown; viridifrons like aolae with more blue on crown extending onto sides of head, sometimes also with red belly spot.

Systematics History

Editor’s Note: This article requires further editing work to merge existing content into the appropriate Subspecies sections. Please bear with us while this update takes place.Five subspecies recognized.



Micropsitta finschii viridifrons Scientific name definitions

M. f. viridifrons


New Hanover, New Ireland, Djaul, Tabar Is and Lihir Is.


Micropsitta finschii nanina Scientific name definitions


N Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Choiseul and Santa Isabel).


Micropsitta finschii tristrami Scientific name definitions


W Solomon Is (Vella Lavella, Gizo, Kolombangara, New Georgia, Rendova, Tetepare and Vangunu).


Micropsitta finschii aolae Scientific name definitions

M. f. aolae


EC Solomons (Russell Is, Guadalcanal, Florida Is and Malaita).


Micropsitta finschii finschii Scientific name definitions

M. f. finschii+1


SE Solomons on Rennell, Makira (San Cristobal) and Uki.


Editor’s Note: Additional distribution information for this taxon can be found in the ‘Subspecies’ article above. In the future we will develop a range-wide distribution article.


Chiefly primary forest but also second growth, shade trees and trees in clearings between 500–1000 m, possibly lower, but in S Bougainville largely confined to subcanopy and substage of unmossed primary forest with an open understorey at 600–750 m; in E Solomons generally occurs up to cloud forest where replaced by M. bruijnii, but different altitude limits at which birds become rare noted for Kolombangara (490 m) and San Cristobal (900 m). Occasionally frequents coconut groves and casuarinas.


No information.

Diet and Foraging

Birds feed  on relatively clear trunks  and limbs of trees, pecking off bark and pieces of fungus and lichen  ; remains of small scaled insects found alongside indeterminate vegetable matter in stomachs. Some birds noted apparently following slow-moving mixed bird flocks.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Calls include high-pitched short notes such as “tsit” or “tsee”. Also short phrases involving several different notes, ranging from a disyllabic “see-sit” to a much longer “tsi-see-tsee-see-sit”.


Mar–Apr, Guadalcanal. Reported to nest in low arboreal or terrestrial termite mound.

Conservation Status

Conservation status on BirdlifeLC Least ConcernNot globally threatened. CITES II. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Fairly common, Bismarcks, and throughout most of Solomons although affected by forest loss on Guadalcanal. Abundant within narrow elevation range, S Bougainville. On Kolombangara densities much higher in lowland primary forest than secondary growth.

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