Leather and toys for parrots


Leather and toys for parrots

Rawhide ( rawhide )

The rawhide that dog toys ( bones ) are made of is not toxic to parrots, but can still be hazardous in its coiled, tight, and squeezed shape. As the parrot has a tendency to try to open any object that has a small weakness ( slit ), it may try to separate the coiled hard leather. Having no saliva, it cannot soften this hard leather at the risk of catching it or breaking the tip of its beak ( it is a great classic of avian veterinarians ).


Better to offer rawhide “chips” or small objects with a simple shape ( small shoes ) and not rolled up to an overly inquisitive parrot.

Bad tannins

Do not offer toys or chemically treated leather thongs, they may contain substances that are extremely toxic to your parrots.

Leather and toys for parrots

  • Chrome / syntan: used for tanning “softy” leather.
  • Aluminum salt: used for tanning “velvet” and “nubuck” leather.
  • Dihydroxydiphenylsulfone: used for tanning “nubuck” and “reptile skin” leather.
  • Without counting all the “-aldehydes” which enter into the composition of almost all leathers.

Never let your parrots play with your handbags, old leather clothes, belts or leather laces. These have generally been chemically treated in order to soften them. Very toxic to parrots.

The right tannin

The only leather you can offer your parrot is what is called “Vegan” leather, that is, leather treated with vegetable tannins which is generally paler in color and stiffer in texture.

Note: after a while, leather that is often washed and moistened can develop bacteria. After two or three washes, it is better to replace it.

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