Mindoro Racquet tail parrot


Mindoro Racquet-tail

Mindoro Racquet tail parrot ( Prioniturus mindorensis ) is a bird in the family Psittacidae (Old World parrots). The scientific name of the species was published in 1890 by Joseph Beal Steere. It is a bird species that has become vulnerable to poaching and habitat loss and is only found in the Philippines.

Mindoro Racquet tail parrot 27 cm. Very similar to formerly conspecific P.discurs (see Taxonomy comments). Head bright green strongly suffused powder-blue on the crown (but green on forehead), upperparts mid-green,

wings green darker on inner webs of flight feathers, outer primaries blue-green, underwing-coverts green and underside of flight feathers greenish-blue, underparts light yellowish green, uppertail green,

the outermost tail feathers blue at the base with black tips; undertail strongly suffused blue, spatules blackish (longer than in P. discurus); bare parts: bill whitish, iris dark brown, and legs and feet grey.

Sexes basically alike, although female has shorter tail racquets. Immature has less blue on crown and lacks tail racquets.


The bird is 27 cm long and predominantly green in color. The bird closely resembles the blue-capped flag-tailed parrot ( P. discurus ).

However, the head is not blue, but bright green, only the crown is a little blue on top of the head, but dark green between beak and forehead.

Systematics History

Part of the P. platenae clade (which see). Until recently considered conspecific with P. discurus, but differs in its soft (matt) powder-blue vs bright (glossy) turquoise mid-crown to hindcrown, matt green vs bright glossy emerald-green face (lores, ear-coverts, moustachial area), and longer tail (effect size 4.2, score 2);

split reinforced by genetic findings Has sometimes been considered conspecific with P. flavicans (but recent reinforcement of split, when united with P. discurus, and previously with P. platenae. Monotypic.




Mindoro (NC Philippines).


The Mindoro Racquet tail parrot is endemic to the island of Mindoro (Philippines). The habitats of these birds are probably in the moist lowland rainforests. Little is known about the habitat requirements of this species.

Occurs in humid forest, mainly in lowlands, but reported to 1670 m.


None known.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

No known differences from P. discurus.


No information.

Conservation Status

The Mindoro Racquet tail parrot has a limited distribution area and therefore the risk of extinction is present. The population size was estimated by BirdLife International in 2016 at 2.5 to ten thousand mature individuals.

Population numbers are declining due to capture for the local cage bird trade as well as habitat loss. The habitat is being affected by deforestation, with natural forest giving way to intensive agricultural use land. For these reasons, this species is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List.

There are formal restrictions on trade in this parrot, as the species is listed on Appendix II of the CITES Convention.

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