Mycotoxin poisoning of the parrot


Tatillon the parrot

  • Mycotoxins are chemical metabolites produced by different varieties of fungi ( fungi ) that proliferate on grain or other foods left standing in a field for a long time ( especially corn for animal consumption, which is often harvested very late in the fall. and which already contains a lot of mold ).
  • Each fungus has specific light, temperature and humidity needs that are necessary for its development. If all of these conditions are put together, then the fungus can grow and begin the development of its toxins.


  • Always check the freshness and quality of the food you are offering your parrot.
  • Store grains and feed in a cool, dry place.
  • Never offer your bird peanuts and low-end corn ( animal consumption ), always serve those produced for human consumption.


  • Under poor storage conditions, mycotoxins grow rapidly on corn, peanuts, various nuts and grains.
  • Mycotoxins are too often found in animal feed containing mainly corn (the first ingredient on the package ) such as commercial feed or other granules.

Commercial feed.

  • Better to buy these foods from reputable companies with a good reputation and always check the expiration date on the packaging.



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