Poisonous trees for parrots

French name Latin name
Cherry tree Prunus avium, cerasus
plum tree Prunus domestica
Apricot tree Prunus armeniaca
Fishing * (1) Prunus persica
Red maple Acer rubrum
Teak Tictona
Cedar Thuja
Weeping fig tree * (2) Ficus
Wig tree Fotinus
Juniper Juniperus
Oak * (3) Quercus
If Taxus
Common chestnut tree Aesculus
Virginia creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Carob tree Ceratonia siliqua
Black elderberry Sambucus
Oleander Laurus
Syringe Philadelphus
Charcoal Euonymus
Privet Ligustrum
Rhododendron Rhododendron

* (1) FRUIT TREES: these species of fruit trees contain cyanogenic glycosides which are extremely toxic to parrots.

* (2) WEEPING FIG TREE: Despite the fact that this decorative plant is considered safe for humans, the sap of some species may contain irritants, whether in the bark, leaves or skin of fruit.

* (3) OAK: better to avoid it, even if well-dried oak is often used to make parrot toys without causing any problem (very high creosote rate). If you still decide to use it, never offer it fresh, but always very well dried. Acorns from oak trees, on the other hand, are extremely poisonous.

Cherry tree
Poisonous trees for parrots
Poisonous trees for parrots
Poisonous trees for parrots
apricot tree
Poisonous trees for parrots
Poisonous trees for parrots
red maple
Poisonous trees for parrots
wig tree



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