Parakeet health

Health of parrot
Parakeet health: Chilly? This is normal, you are ill. Remember to pamper yourself during your convalescence and especially stay warm. 
Good room heat helps you maintain your normal body temperature more easily, and your recovery will be easier and faster. 
Normally a good part of your metabolic energy is used to keep your body temperature at its optimum level, which is 42 degrees Celsius.
It’s still quite high if we compare it to our cold human friends who are at 37.5! When you are bothered by illness, your body ( which is very logical ) prefers to direct its energy to processes involved in healing rather than using it to keep its body temperature stable. To do this, the patient must be kept in a warm environment. 
As Florida is not for everyone, it is possible to recreate a warm and comfortable atmosphere at home. This detail is an integral part of the small treatments recommended for any convalescence.
Health of parrot

Parakeet health

There are several options available to you when the chills tickle you. Know how to choose them. The incubator remains the best choice, given its controlled atmosphere. But this luxury is not within everyone’s reach. Alternative choices are available:

  • Heating mat: By placing it under the cage, it radiates heat that warms the atmosphere a little. To avoid losing too much of this precious heat, partially cover the cage with a terry towel.
  • Warmed Room in the House: Your human friend can also make you sit in a room in the house or even their own bedroom. He will have taken care to raise the temperature to a comfortable level for you. You will like it, but Madam Human will perhaps go to sleep on the sofa in the living room, especially if she is in the middle of menopause …
  • Bulb: It produces interesting heat when placed near the cage. It should be turned off at night, as it is very inconvenient to sleep in bright light. Beware of the risk of burns.
  • Infrared lamp: It also emits heat with the advantage of producing a red light that is not too disturbing, even at night. It should be placed at a safe distance from the cage.


Parakeet and lamps

A few words about light bulbs and infrared lamps

Health of parrot

Parakeet health

When misused, these heat sources can be responsible for serious and sometimes fatal complications. In the United Kingdom, an infrared lamp used to convalesce an African Gray ( he had contracted an infection with the bacteria Salmonella) softer was actually responsible for her death.

The 150 W intensity lamp had been suspended 30 cm above the cage which measured 45cmX45cmcmX80cm. After a few days of rest in this cage, there appeared on the top of the bird’s head a red and inflamed area from which the feathers fell easily.

It was a burn caused by the too intense heat of the lamp. By correcting the cause, the patient recovered from his burn and infection. He went back to his occupations, that is to say, to make beautiful babies with his sweetheart.

Several weeks later, the bird emerged from its nest showing very disturbing symptoms: unable to fly, loss of balance, and head held low. A 3 x 2 cm mass was visible on his head.

Upon admission to the hospital, the patient was anesthetized ( isoflurane ) to allow examination of his mass. Underneath the crusted protuberance was a gaping hole about 2 cm in diameter that allowed the brain to be easily seen.

At this time, the patient died. Analysis of the mass confirmed that it was malignant cancer ( carcinoma ) which had invaded the bone of the skull and then spread inside the skull. The old burn had therefore been the trigger for this tumor.

Practical advice for users of infrared bulbs or lamps

Health of parrot

Parakeet health

1- Place the lamp at a safe distance from the cage. Frequently check the intensity of the heat emitted.

2- Do not install the lamp above and in the middle of the cage. It is preferable that it is oriented on one side. In this way, a temperature gradient is created and the patient can choose his own comfort zone.

Parakeet without feathers

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