Speckle-faced parrot


Speckle-faced parrot

Speckle-faced parrots are gregarious birds, Scientific name: Pionus tumultuous apparently not only outside of the nesting season. They live alone, in a union, or in groups. These birds are quite familiar and quickly approached in the natural sphere. In the north, they are nomadic, being more numerous in several regions at certain times of the year.


Cotorra Gorriblanca/Speckle-faced Parrot/Pionus tumultuosus

SOURCE:Birds Colombia

Pionus tumultuous (or Speckle-faced parrot)

Length: the pione tumultuous measures about 30cm on average.

Weight: this species weighs around 240g on average.

Description: Speckle-faced parrot The feathers of the hood of the pionus tumultuous and the back of the neck are paler than those of the forehead with broad white bases which give them a speckled effect. The mantle, back, and scapulars are preferably dull green. The rump and upper tail are a little more brilliant green. The upper wing-coverts have a vague olive tint. The rest of the lower areas are green, except the undertail which has a crimson tint. The central rectrices are green, the outer rectrices green with irritated bases and a confined blue tip. The bill is the yellowish horn, the irises brown. The legs are gray. The sexes are identical. The immatures have green on the back of the neck and on the faces and show a lot of yellowish-green on the undertail.

The glittery piones are native to the Andes, from northern Venezuela to Bolivia. Their distribution area is very disjointed in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru (Marañon, Cajamarca) and Bolivia (La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz). Given the configuration of their area and its widespread in latitude, the spangled piones are considered to be polytypic.


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SOURCE:Bogota Birding & Nature Colombia Tours


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