Dusky parrot

Dusky Parrot

Dusky parrot or dusky pionus A fairly small pionus, superb with its beautiful purple sold. The white feathers at the pole position make it look like a little hawk! Much imported, many of them would die quickly. Nowadays, free birds are born in captivity, much less stressed, and therefore do not have the fragility of their elders.

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Pionus fuscus or Dusky parrot

Dusky parrot

dusky conure

Length: the purple pione measures around 25cm on average.

Weight: this species weighs around 220g on average.

Description: Of a monotypic species, the purple pione is an offensive master in its aviary. Especially during the breeding season, it approaches its keeper, with the tail feathers wide open, bulging its back and raising the neck feathers.

In the spring, when the weather permits, they will lay a few to 5 eggs. Mating a two-year-old female with a male a few years or older gives good results. In general, they incubate from the first or last egg for 26 to 30 days.

This species is found in the following regions: southeastern Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana, and northern Brazil. The small population in northern Colombia.

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Dusky pionus


How much do dusky pionus cost?

Dusky parrots are not common in the pet trade, but their popularity is increasing. Price: Between $220 – $260 – depending on the source, location, and availability.

How do you take care of a Dusky parrot?

Feeding and Care 
Dusky Pionus or Dusky parrots are typically good eaters. They should be offered a formulated main diet, such as Lafeber’s Premium Daily Pellets or Nutri-Berries, as well as fresh vegetables and fruit.

How long do dusky parrot live?

They are known to be quiet, compared to other parrot species, but still very energetic and clownish, like a most parrots. These parrot lifespans range from 25 to 50 years, though their typical lifespans are usually 35–40 years.

Are dusky pionus loud?

dusky pionus can also be trained to say certain words, making them a good “talker” pet. dusky pionus. A similar breed to the Green Cheeked Conure, dusky pionus has a mild temperament and is not prone to loud squawk fests.

Do pionus parrots talk?

While dusky pionus do not talk as readily as African parrots grey, Amazon parrots, parakeets, and cockatoos, they can learn to speak. Additionally, their voices tend to be raspy, making it hard to understand what they are saying.


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