Sula Hanging-Parrot


Sula Hanging-Parrot 14 cm. Considerably larger than L. amabilis with no red on the head and a large orange patch, often with a large red center, on the lower mantle and upper back.

Sula Hanging-Parrot Female similar. Immature has duller red areas, and orange area on back dull and ill-defined, with little or no red.

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Member of the L. stigmatus group (which see). Sometimes treated as conspecific with L. amabilis and L. catamene. Race ruber was considered in HBW to be based on character present in at least some L. amabilis and probably age-related, but closer study has demonstrated its validity. Two subspecies were recognized.




Sula and Banggai Is (off EC Sulawesi).


Primary and secondary forest and adjacent partially cleared lands.

Diet and Foraging

No information.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Flight calls a high-pitched thin triple-noted “tsee-see-seet”. When perched, utters similar calls and also a more spaced double-noted “tsee…seet”.


No information.

Conservation Status

Sula Hanging-Parrot

Not globally threatened. CITES II. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Reported to be common throughout both island groups.

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