Superb parrot

Superb parrot

Superb parrot :Polytelis swainsonii or barraband parrot Order: Psittaciformes  Famille: Psittacidae

Régime juridique: CITES Appendix II, freeholding not subject to quotas

Sex: Marked sexual dimorphism


  • Male: large green parakeet with a yellow mask, red collar, blue forehead, and blue reflections on the feathers
  • Female: large green parakeet with white mask and neck colors more pastel than the male

Character: bird able to speak (a few words and great impersonator of noise) even if it is quite destructive. Amazons are reputed to be very stubborn and should not be recommended to a beginner

Weight: 130 – 160g

Superb parrot Polytelis swainsonii


Barraband Parakeet (Polytelis Swainsonii)

Physical description

The plumage is a very bright light green, more yellowish on the top of the body. The long tail seems pointed because the two central rectifying feathers are longer than the lateral ones which have a degraded cut. The forehead, top of the head, cheeks, and throat are yellow. A large red band crosses the neck. The eyes are orange and the legs are gray.


About 41 cm in adulthood


30 years


Females do not have a yellow mask or red band on the throat. But in them, the thighs are red, the eyes brown and the underside of the tail is pink. They also have less brilliant colors than males.


It is not a capricious species as for the choice of the partner (even the mating of two adult birds does not pose problems in general). Once well mated, they are regular breeders from year to year During its display, the male performs brief flights around its female. Then he straightens the feathers of his head, partly spreads his wings, and, contracting his pupils, he goes back and forth by emitting a series of cackles.

Barraband parakeets prefer to nest in a natural nest (log nest type) about 30 cm in diameter by 60 cm high and has a 9-10 cm entry hole. The laying is 3 to 5 eggs incubated for 3 weeks. The nest is fiercely defended, even against the owner of these charming parakeets!

The young fluff out after 4 to 5 weeks and then all look like their mother. After a few months, young males begin to sing and have very slight yellow reflections on the throat. Like the melanure parakeet, the Barraband parakeet does not acquire its definitive colors and its sexual maturity until the second year.

Superb parrot Polytelis swainsonii


South East of Australia


La Barraband is calm and peaceful in nature. It can easily coexist with smaller birds. His cry is weak but melodious. She likes to bathe (which is essential for the good health of her plumage). Curious and lively, she uses all the corners of the aviary including the ground that she scratches in search of food. This parakeet tames well, even if it is in an aviary

Washington Treaty

Appendix II.


The basis of its food consists of hemp seed, oats, canary grass, sunflower, fruits, and wild herbs. Some breeders provide them with mealworms, but not all birds are fond of them. As with all politely, consider providing it with fresh branches to snack on and egg food, especially during the feeding period for the young.

Superb parrot

Superb parrot Polytelis swainsonii

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