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talking birds

talking bird: Some people want to adopt an animal to enjoy a gentle and comforting presence when others simply want to converse with it. If you are part of this category of people who want a companion they can talk to, you are in the right place!

Beware, even if the birds featured in this article have the ability to speak, nothing and no one should ever force them to do so. Some birds are shyer than others and will never speak.

So, if you decide to adopt a bird, make sure it’s not just for its ability to speak but to create a bond with it. Birds are great companions of life, regardless of whether they speak or not!

Top 8 birds that can learn to speak

1. The African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot Talking

birds that talk

Talking bird: These are the most popular talking birds! The African grey parrot is derived from the forests of Central Africa and is distinguished from other parrots by its uniformly grey plumage.

In addition to having the ability to imitate the human voice, this bird, which can live up to 50 years, shows incredible intelligence. Indeed, it is able to record thousands of words and place them in a very particular context, which makes it really able to exchange with its owner.

Smartest most conversational parrot ever. Petra the home automation expert, African grey

SOURCE: PetraGrey


2. The wavy parakeet

Talking bird: Originally from Australia, the wavy parakeet can repeat entire phrases. It even has the distinction of holding the world record of the animal that has the largest vocabulary. Indeed, it is capable of retaining more than 1700 words!

Best Talking budgie || Talking Parakeet || Tamed Talking Budgie “BLU”

SOURCE:Shabu’s Vlog Shabna Fazil

3. Amazon parrots

Amazon yellow-necked (Amazona ochrocephala)

birds that can talk

Talking bird: Amazon parrots, such as the Golden-necked Amazon or the blue-fronted Amazon, are renowned for their ability to speak. They can repeat words, phrases, and even songs from an early age.

However, beware, some species may tend to pinch. In addition, these talking bird, which attaches themselves to only one person, can sometimes live up to 100 years and thus require a real engagement on the part of their owner.

Amazon parrot talking like no other parrot.

SOURCE:Lilian & Pancho Amazon Parrots

4. The Cockatiel

Cockatiel bird

what birds talk

talking bird: Known for its ability to whistle and imitate environmental sounds, with a little effort the Cockatiel can also learn to speak. With a very playful temperament, this bird with a yellow handle has a great need for interaction.

Talking Cockatiel “Pretty Bird” Conversation

SOURCE:Show-Me Fish Tales


5. Religious mainate

Talking bird: This small blackbird, which is widespread in Southeast Asia, can perfectly imitate the human voice, with an incredibly varied range of tones. However, it is more often found in the wild and is therefore not very popular as a pet.

6. The Great Eclectus

Eclectus Parrot

talking parrots for sale

Talking bird: This colorful bird is native to the rainforests of New Guinea. He can imitate words or even songs after hearing them several times. He’s even able to imitate the tone of the person who uttered the word.

Eclectus parrot singing and talking



7. The collared parakeet

Blue-necked parakeet

words that rhyme with talk

Talking bird: Able to learn an impressive vocabulary, the collared parakeet is quite capable of repeating phrases. However, she fails to imitate the tone of a human voice and therefore speaks most often with her bird voice.

3 yr old Indian Ringneck Parrot Talking clearly to his new monkey


8. The monk’s parakeet

quaker parrot

talking birds for sale

Talking bird: Also known as quaker or widowed parakeet, this bird also has a very extensive vocabulary and is able to reproduce the sounds of the environment.

But like all the other birds on this list, it requires a lot of attention as it needs to be stimulated daily. If he gets bored, he may be depressed or self-destructive.

Quaker Parrot Talking

SOURCE:Anabel Marquez


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