Taming a budgie


Taming a budgie

Taming a budgie: is all about gaining its trust. The parakeet is much smaller than you, so it’s only natural that she feels intimidated. It will take time to reassure a parakeet that the giant monster behind the cage is not mean but, on the contrary, a friend and playmate.

Taming a parakeet

Sudden movements, dull noises, and objects knocking against the cage will frighten your parakeet, no matter how playful and extroverted they may appear. Putting a hand in the cage will scare him too, so it’s best to take your time.

How to tame budgie fast

Improve the daily life of budgerigars

Taming a budgie

The following advice applies mainly to small cages that can hold up to four birds. Taming larger groups, like in an aviary, for example, is a different and easier situation because you don’t have to take care of the birds individually.

Unless you form a new aviary, some birds will already be used to your presence. Only newcomers will need to learn by watching and seeing that you don’t mean harm to them. Linger for a bit and they’ll start using you as a perch.

Gaining the trust of the parakeet is essential

Budgie Bird

Taming a budgie

If, on the other hand, it is a new aviary, staying with the parakeets for a long time is even more important. This is not necessarily about standing in the cage,

but spending several hours each day near bars, talking and moving around the cage so that the parakeets can observe you and ultimately ignore you. Also, make sure other family members and pets show up.

How to tame a scared budgie

Taming and training individual birds takes time and effort. If you want to tame a budgie quickly, you’ll need to devote several training sessions to it every day. That way, you can have it tamed with your hand in a week or two. The more time you spend, the less time it will take you to gain his trust.

This trusting relationship is key and is the first step, whether you want to teach him to talk, to perch on your shoulder, to do a few tricks, or just to have a cage of happy birds in your company.

How to tame a budgies


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