Training a parakeet

Kidney tumor in budgerigar

Parakeet training

Once the parakeet is finger-tamed and happy to jump on your finger, you can take it a step further. One of the first goals to accomplish is the “climb”. You need to teach her in a place where she feels safe and free from distraction.

Train parakeets to ride


The next step in this learning by hand is childishly simple. When your budgie is perched on your finger or hand, offer the index finger of your other hand. The goal is to make it climb by walking on this new perch. If she’s a little reluctant, you can use the technique she used at the start of her taming: gently rub your finger at the top of her paws to stimulate the action of climbing. Do not tempt her with a treat, save it to give to her when she has managed to get on your finger.

Then present the “original” finger to her and have her step on it, then offer her the other finger, and so on, walking her up each time. She will quickly begin to climb without you having to rub her paws, and without having to reward her with treats.

Once this walking climb is mastered, you will be able to perch your parakeet on your shoulder or even your head (they love to be high up, they feel the safest there). This gesture should not be a problem, the bird will instinctively begin to use you as a resting surface, being now completely comfortable in your company, and naturally associating you with a movable perch and a treat dispenser!

Parakeets will love perching on you and furniture

At this point, it is possible to introduce your parakeet to other rooms in the house. Speak quietly to him as you take him from one point to another, and make sure the destination is a place with closed windows, no open fireplaces or hungry cats, etc.

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