The good parrot

the good parrot

Hello! Guys …

Haven’t you had enough of the heartache food humans serve you? Under the pretext of nourishing us well and making us “eat healthily”, they serve us, day after day, the same pittance, without flavor or attraction.

Always the same small raw vegetables served in the same “sacrawère” way. Ditto for the seeds, without counting the feed …. POUCH! I’m not telling you! But which, they say, is so good for our health …. RE-POUCH !!!

note: very personal opinion of Mr. Pablo )
note: if some friends like to feast on reconstituted grains … that’s their business … but very little for me! )

The lack of imagination of humans is pitiful and it is, again and again, we, misunderstood parrots, who pay the price.


Parrot good pet

the good parrot

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Listen to me carefully, archaeologist and React human who reads these lines: we parrots, are pleasure-seekers, fervent followers of the doctrine of Epicurus.

Finally, we are trying as best we can to adhere to it and it is certainly not thanks to your good care that we will achieve it easily! I believe it is time here to let you know the meaning of the word creativity.

You are obviously not aware that it is not necessary to always present the carrot to us in the form of sticks or rings. It grates a carrot, it cooks and it mashed too.

Broccoli is good broccoli; Tuesday and Saturday it’s fine … But not every Bonyenne day !!! Ditto for celery, apples, oranges, and sweet potatoes.

Does the word diversity … mean anything to you …?
There are so many good vegetables and fruits available to you, we would like to enjoy it a little bit too …

the good parrot

I like small hot peppers, red especially, snow peas, endives, mangoes, good fresh figs, grapes … ha! What I like are grapes as well as all the other fruits and vegetables that I do not yet know and that I imagine tastier than the others.

What about cereals, do you know? No … no … not those you find in your bowl in the morning … You really have to explain everything to you: rice, barley, oats ( soaked it’s delicious ), and wheat. A good couscous salad with hot peppers. Hmmm! If I could, I’d drool over it.

A real good oatmeal in the morning or … or … even hot cream of wheat with berries and nuts … Mmmmm … caramba !!!!

But there is nothing in the world to beat a good spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce or macaroni, lasagna, fettuccine and so on and the best …! Of course we like cereals and moreover, it’s very “healthy”, but not always dried and as stiff as the lead in our grain mixture.

the good parrot

Let’s talk about legumes now. For information and cultural purposes, a legume is by definition a vegetable whose fruit is a pod: bean, broad bean, lentil, chickpea, etc. But please, not raw and dry. Only macaws can break a dry chickpea, and it can’t even be eaten.

We legumes, we like them tender, cooked, but not too much, barely crunchy, al dente what! Then sprouted. It’s good that sprouted legumes … tasty!

And then, if that encourages you, it’s very nourishing and full of vitamins… Ha! .. ha! You like that huh …?

the good parrot

Then there is everything else: the well-cooked meats ( yes, yes, even the chicken … Nooo Madam, we are not cannibals, take a closer look. We parrots have absolutely nothing in common with a chicken … all the same … sometimes … ), soft cheeses ( no raw milk of course ), eggs, yogurt, better yet, all that put together in a good little cooked dish that we would like to share with you.

Torture … I’m not telling you when we watch you feast on all these good things … and all we find in our bowl is grain and a stalk of celery. It’s not Weight Watchers here! We will talk it again about the bad mood of the parrots ….. There is surely nothing here to show off.

You will have to admit one day that we, “companion” parrots, are also perfectly civilized. We are nothing less than hedonists in search of pleasure and satisfaction. Raw, sad greenery is for wild birds. But you know that very well, don’t you? We are not savages …!

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