The look of the parrot


African Gray Parrot eye

Importance of gaze for the parrot

I told you about this before, unlike other pets, the parrot does not shy away from eye contact. On the contrary, he looks for them because for him, it is the first place through which passes the message of a change in an emotional state.

The parrot has this ability to dilate ( mydriasis ) or contract its pupils ( miosis ) momentarily, during a change in its mood, whether positive or negative. No matter the situation, these pupil movements are always a sign of intense stimulation.

So, this is the first emotional contact he makes with us; he wants to know our emotions when we interact with him, and to do this, he looks intently at our eyes, our pupils.

Parrots reactions

So there you have it, yesterday I went to have an ophthalmological examination and of course I was given these drops which are used to dilate the pupils, the famous mydriatic eye drops which in me have an action that lasts and lasts still.

Upon my return, I walked straight to the BBB aviary to let them know I was back home, as I always do. E there… phew! general panic among my birds. My super dilated pupils let them know that something was wrong with me, that there had to be something serious for me to be so horny!

Suddenly, I didn’t think about it and started looking for what was wrong in the aviary. Then, finding nothing at all, I did the second thing I usually do when I get home… go to the bathroom. Passing in front of the mirror, I understood; my eyes, it was my eyes that made them “freak” at this point!

I returned to the aviary and they all approached me. Believe it, I got stared at so intensely by the birds that I was very uncomfortable. So I stayed with them for a while making me stare like I had leprosy trying to defuse ( with music and treats ), but nothing helped. So I had to resolve to get out of there and wait a good two hours for my pupils to start reacting normally.

Back to normal

Afterward, I went back to see them and of course, they took turns watching my eyes. When they realized that these had become normal again, they stopped agitating and all came to rest on me as if to say “Finally you are back”.  

Moral of this story? It is that… finally, there is not. Only that our birds know how to detect our moods through our eyes and when they do not behave normally, they cannot interpret this new disposition on our part and that upsets them deeply. What do I remember? The next time I go to the ophthalmologist, I will wait for the effect of the drops to wear off before presenting myself in front of my birds. I’ll go shopping ( great idea ) and it won’t be worse!


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