Why does my Parrot stop speaking?


Why does my Parrot stop speaking

Why does my Parrot stop speaking? why has my parrot gone quiet The problem is not always why the parrots stop talking. Some people long for their parrots to stop vocalizing, simply because they keep talking after they learn a few sentences. Parrots are very social and want to communicate with other members of the house. Both men and other parrots. So a talking parrot is probably far more common than a silent one.

There are times, however, when parrots stop talking. Obviously, the worried owner wants to know why his bird has become suddenly silent.

Parrot stopped talking


Reasons why parrots stop talking

There are several reasons why parrots stop talking. The following list is of course not complete but lists the most common reasons. One of the following can probably apply to your parrot.

When A Bird Goes Silent

  • Some talking parrots stop talking for a few days when they arrive in a new house. They adapt to change. They suddenly find themselves with a new “herd” in a new environment. Even a talking parrot needs time to understand things in its mind before it feels comfortable.
  • Sometimes speaking parrots stop talking when they feel bad. If your parrot has spoken and stops for no apparent reason, consider health issues. You may need to bring it to an avian veterinarian.
  • Parrots who talk “pout” and stop talking when they are not satisfied with a change you have made. You may have moved the furniture around the room where the parrot spends most of its time. Maybe you are wearing a garment that the parrot does not like.

Why does my Parrot stop speaking

  • Another reason why talking parrots can stop vocalizing is the introduction of a new family member, either a human or another pet. The parrot has to work through change and stops talking while adjusting.
  • Sometimes a talking parrot was afraid, perhaps of a predator. The animal may be outside, but visible from the parrot’s cage.
  • Finally, a talking parrot can stop talking if it gets bored with its own chatter and hears a few words from you. Remember that your parrot is speaking to communicate with you. He is in a “foreign” country, far from those who speak his language. He is trying to learn your language to communicate.

Why has my parrot gone quiet

African Grey Parrot Talking

What to do when the parrots stop talking

There are several things you can do to encourage a parrot to stop speaking:

  • If your talking parrot is in a new environment. Make it as comfortable as possible. Give it time to adjust. But while he’s adjusting, talk to him softly and frequently. As soon as he decides that the new environment is safe, he will probably start talking again.
  • If you suspect that the sudden silence of your talking parrot is an early sign of illness, look at its eyes and feathers. If you detect a dull appearance in either of these animals. Go have your parrot examined by an avian (bird) veterinarian. You may then need to purchase a parrot carrier.

  • Sometimes the answer is as simple as finding a change you have made in the previous days or weeks. Have you moved a vase that reflected light? Have you moved the parrot cage a few meters in any way? Try to remember what may have changed and put it back as it was. Your vocalizing parrot can quickly speak to thank you.
  • Look for predators even if you know they can’t reach the parrot. A large predatory bird that walks by the window or sits in a tree outside may be the reason a talking parrot stops talking.
  • The best solution to help a talking parrot find its language is to spend more time talking to the bird. We must also discuss him. Take him to other rooms with you and the family so that he feels like part of the conversation.
  • Talk to your bird as much as you would talk to a family member or a very good friend and in a short time, it should start talking again.
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My parrot is not making any sound

Talking parrots


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Always keep in mind that if your parrot suddenly stops talking, there is bound to be a problem. Whether this problem is harmless or serious, it is always better to solve it. Because we all want this magnificent tropical bird to live in the best conditions.

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