Parrot Stop Talking

How long does a parrot sleep

Why Parrots Stop Talking

Silence is golden, but …

This morning you got up on the right foot, refreshed and refreshed, ready to meet the whole world. You come out of the room and savor the calm of a balmy spring morning, you can even hear the little birds chirping outside…. Oh! .. Oh!… Something is wrong, it’s not normal that it is so quiet and you are not used to hearing birds outside, since, normally, your parrot buries all this calm. of his happy morning vocalizations. It’s calm and it’s not normal!

Behavior change

When a normally playful and talkative parrot goes silent ex abrupt, most of the time it indicates that something is wrong, that the bird is not well at all: it is weak, too weak to vocalize, to even try to make you believe that all is well! The first thing you notice when a parrot is not doing well is a change in its behavior and suddenly shutting up when the bird is usually talkative is a major behavior change that should not be taken by surprise. slight.

Changing the timbre of the voice


A change in tone of voice such as squeaky, hoarse voice, high pitched tone of voice, or unusual sounds, may be caused by infection of the respiratory system which may affect the trachea, syrinx, bronchi. We can think here of aspergillosis (a fungus that settles in the trachea and blocks the passage of air ), a contagious disease that is increasingly widespread in our regions. It can also be due to bronchitis, an infection of the air sacs, or pneumonia to name a few. The parrot may also have swallowed a small piece of toy or food that is stuck in the windpipe near the syrinx. Lots of possibilities, too many to take a chance.

Whether it is for an unusual silence or a transformation of the voice, it is better not to delay to consult your veterinarian, especially if these modifications last for more than 24 hours. This kind of emergency requires immediate intervention, as the situation can escalate quickly.

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