Amazon yellow-necked


Amazon yellow-necked (Amazona ochrocephala)

Order: Psittaciformes                                                                    Famille: Psittacidae

Régime juridique: CITES Appendix II, freeholding not subject to quotas

Sex: No sexual dimorphism


  • Green parrot with a pronounced yellow on the nape, a green mask, and red remiges. The pattern of colors is very variable from one individual to another

Character: bird able to speak (a few words and great impersonator of noise) even if it is quite destructive. Amazons are reputed to be very stubborn and should not be recommended to a beginner

Weight: 350 – 400g

Amazon yellow-necked Parrot

Amazon yellow-necked (Amazona ochrocephala)

Scientific name: Amazona barbadensis

Order: Psittaciformes
Family: Psittacidae
Kind: Amazona
Size: about 33 centimeters.

Distribution: Amazon yellow-necked Parrot Quite widespread on the northern coast of Venezuela, it has disappeared from the island of Aruba while there are only 800 individuals left on Margarita Island, about 100 in La Blanquilla and no more than 400 in Bonaire.

Description: Like most species of this genus, it has a green plumage with brilliant reflections due to the black border of the feathers. His forehead is white. The cap and periocular areas are yellow, as are the shoulders and panties. The green of the cheeks and throat is washed azure. A red wing mirror marks the first four secondary remiges. Irises are orange and white orbitals circles. The beak is of horn color tinged with pink. The wax is undeveloped while the nostrils are very apparent.

Subspecies: Amazona barbadensis (located on the coast of Venezuela), Amazona barbadensis rothschildi (yellow on the head and wings less extensive and slightly shaded with orange), also in this region but also in the Netherlands Antilles.

Amazon yellow-necked

Yellow-fronted Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala)

Yellow-fronted Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala ochrocephala) Physical description
Chunky bird with entirely green plumage with some red flight feathers. The forehead is yellow with an almost perfect triangle between orange-brown eyes, circled in white with a black iris. Its beak is meaty with a lighter part on the sides. Its legs are robust and dark.
The Panama Yellow-fronted Amazon is slightly smaller than its counterpart and the triangular yellow spot on its forehead is more marked.

Amazon yellow-necked Parrot

SOURCE:Karen Fisher


35 cm


40 years


scientific sexing


Good result with a united couple with a spacious aviary and quality food.
Incubation: 21 days
Flight of the young: 60 days after birth


Colombia and northern Brazil


Moderately-noisy to noisy, bold, careful, but quickly confident with those around him; he needs to snack and likes to bathe; appreciate being able to fly in an aviary. Tame, he is very sociable with a real ability to adapt. Very attached to his master who can teach him to speak and a few tricks: he loves to play and is one of the best speakers among the Amazons.

Washington Treaty

Appendix II


The mixture of safflower seeds, wheat, oats, hemp, berries; buckwheat and beans; the sunflower; some pines or nuts; several fruits and vegetables; half-ripe corn; mineral supplements.

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