Breed of parrot

breed of parrot

Breed of parrot: The complete list and their characteristics, what is the Parrot Breed – Among the many species of pets owned by men, and this has always been very prominent, a unique species of its kind: parrots.

Much loved for their beauty and their extraordinary linguistic aptitude, these particular birds exist in several breeds and each breed has its own characteristics. Discover here all the existing parrot breeds and all their characteristics.


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Native to tropical America, this particular breed of parrot belongs to the large Psittacinae family in which it appears to be one of the main specimens. It is distinguished from other breeds by certain specific traits such as its color, its beak or its size.

Characteristics of the macaw parrot breed

The macaw parrot differs from its congeners thanks to its physical and behavioral characteristics. It also differs from its diet, its breeding method, and its health.

The physical characteristics of the macaw parrot

Generally, this Breed of parrot is characterized by:

  • Its large size. Indeed, the Macaw parrot can measure a size of up to 90 centimeters;
  • The feathers are very colorful and remarkably vivid. These parrots are generally found with the color red or green,
  • with a certain yellow or rarely white coloration in places. It is possible to meet other colors among the subspecies;
  • Its tapered tail and also very colorful;
  • Its particularly large and fairly curved beak and a large head;
  • His ability to speak a lot;
  • The practically naked face skin.

The behavioral characteristics of the macaw parrot

The macaw parrot is a breed that likes to live high when it is still wild. This is why it is generally advisable to find him a high perch when buying it for the house.

He is kind, docile, and calm, both towards his master and strangers. However, he can bite if he is frustrated or scared. Also, is it possible to see this parrot make some whims? These characteristics may vary slightly depending on each subspecies considered.

Having a macaw parrot as a pet requires raising it under certain conditions. Its special diet also helps to distinguish it, as well as its health.

Macaws Breeding

As mentioned above, the macaw is a parrot that likes to live high up. In captivity, it is therefore important to make him a sufficiently large cage, with perches, feeders, a bathtub, or even a drinker inside.

When it is too boring, this parrot can become really finicky, which is why it is necessary to make its cage more or less attractive with parrot toys.

Macaws Food

For its well-being, the macaw parrot must have a healthy and balanced diet. It is advisable not to be content with serving him the same food all the time. He will get tired of it very quickly.

It’s his kind. It can be used in a variety of ways, seeds, fat balls, cereals, and certain foods or supplements for parrots that can be found commercially. However, it is more prudent to refer to a parrot feeding expert to avoid any inconvenience.

Macaws Health

The health of this bird is intimately linked to its diet and living conditions. When properly fed and in good hygienic conditions, the macaw parrot can have a life expectancy of 30 to 70 years including all subspecies.

However, it is possible to see this bird suffering from certain diseases such as allergic bronchitis and sinusitis, feather cysts, Herpes virus infection of the legs, or eye discharge syndrome.

Macaw parrot price

To buy a macaw parrot, you have to plan at least 750 $, regardless of age or gender. This amount can go up to 1100$ depending on certain factors.

Breed of parrot

Amazon yellow-necked Amazona ochrocephala

The Amazons Parrot

The Amazon parrot is a bird as well known as its cousin the macaw. Rather handsome and charming, it also has its own characteristic features which allow it to be distinguished from other parrot breeds.

The characteristics of the Amazon parrot

Its colors, its size, and its health constitute here also elements which make it possible to recognize it. Added, its behavior and its price.

The physical characteristics of the Amazon

This type of parrot has several subspecies and each of them has small elements of distinction. However, in general, the Amazon breed recognizes itself by:

  • A dominant green color. But depending on each subspecies taken into account, we can meet blue or yellow colorations on the front of the animal, with some small parts of the plumage slightly red;
  • The brown iris of the eyes;
  • Its size averages 35 centimeters;
  • Its weight of about 200 to 600 grams on average;
  • Its beak is slightly short, pointed, and curved;
  • Its tail of medium length;
  • His powerful and fairly piercing voice.

Behavioral characteristics

Much appreciated for its ability to adapt easily, the Amazon parrot has a fairly positive character. He likes human company and doesn’t hesitate to play with everyone.

With a reputation for being a big talker, he has a great ability to imitate the human voice and to pronounce words. He particularly likes water and will therefore always be ready for good baths.

It is a recognized bird very intelligent, often cheerful, and appreciates being taken for a walk, even if it is rather sedentary in nature.

This bird is also characterized by its preferences regarding its living conditions, its diet, and its health.

Amazon farming

Properly raising an Amazon parrot requires framing and training it with some rigor. It is certainly docile as a bird, but this rigor is necessary to avoid any behavioral drift. Regarding its cage, it must be very spacious to allow freedom of movement for the animal. Preferably rectangular, this cage must have high perches, a well-placed feeder, and toys.

Amazon parrot Food

The diet of the Amazon parrot must be of quality. It can, for example, be composed of fruits and vegetables, cereals, granules or pieces of cheese or bread. Care must be taken to offer him a diet as rich as it is varied.

Amazon parrot Health

The Amazon parrot is known for its good health when the requisite conditions are met. However, like any living being, he can suffer from certain diseases, namely:

  • Infra-orbital sinusitis;
  • Candidiasis;
  • Rhinitis;
  • Chlamydia or
  • Aspergillosis.

This bird has a life expectancy oscillating in 50 and 60 years. So you have to think carefully before you offer it because you have to be ready to deal with it in the rules of the art.

Amazon price

An Amazon parrot costs on average of 700 $. However, this price may vary upwards due to certain differences such as age or gender.

Breed of parrot

Eclectus Parrot

The Great Eclectus

This parrot breed is native to the Solomon Islands, northeast of Australia and New Guinea. Like other species, it has characteristics that allow it to be identified.

The characteristics of the Eclectus

Its physical appearance, its behavior, and its price allow it to recognize it.

Physical characteristics of the large Eclectus

The peculiarity with this species is that the male and the female are physically quite different in their plumage. The male has beautiful plumage, with green as the dominant color;

fairly bright green with red and blue coloration in places, especially at the level of the wings, the tail, and the flight feathers. Its pointed bill has a coral or more or less yellowish color.

As for the female, red is the color that dominates its plumage. You can find purple or blue on his chest and at the nape of the neck. Unlike the male,

the female has a rather black bill. Both sexes measure between 33 and 40 centimeters, for a weight varying between 300 and 600 grams. With a very soft voice, close to that of a little girl, they are able to speak well.

The behavior of the large Eclectus

Solitary, this bird is very calm in nature. He is not finicky and does not require special attention from his master. He is not at all violent and prefers to remain calm. Quite curious, he also likes to be played with him.


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