Parrot Amazon

Parrot Amazon

Parrot Amazon is a parrot from Central and then South America. These very beautiful parrots owe their name to the Amazon, from which some species originate.

The Amazons come from Central America and then from South America. The blue-fronted amazon sees her wings coated in red, blue, and then yellow which stand out against her green dress.

As for the red-fronted amazon, it concentrates the tones (blue, red, orange) on the skull. These birds live forty to fifty years! Better to know before committing.

The most popular of the amazons. Quite a very good speaker. Has a tiny, soft, childlike voice. Easy to breed in captivity. A very playful temperament would like to be part of the action. Very playful (singing, dancing, etc.). Tendency to make preferential associations.

Amazon Parrot Green

Beautiful bird appreciated intelligent, skillful then communicative then which is able to remain very a long time, the parrot always had strong points to charm the amateurs of pets.

Parrot Amazon arrives in France in the luggage of explorers, then corsairs or pirates. On the old continent, it was fashionable, for several centuries, to gather in one’s living room this talkative acrobat with often spectacular plumage, an indispensable testimony of exoticism.

Amazon Parrot size

  • Size: 25 to 40cm
  • Weight: 300 to 450g

Amazon Parrot Type

Breeding Amazon Parrots

Cage For Amazon Parrot

The perfect cage for an Amazon parrot :

  1. The cage is rectangular, never round. (It may still have some corners in the shape of an arch)
  2. A cage that is easy to clean and then made of durable materials.
  3. A cage that is wide enough for the bird to flap its wings without hitting the bars or attached toys.
  4. A cage that has a large door.
  5. A cage that has horizontal bars on at least 2 sides to help the parrot climb.
  6. A cage that contains varied and then comfortable perches.
  7. A cage that comes with jewelry of food bowls that are easily removed by max counting the outside of the cage.

Its bottom can pick up almost any debris. It is covered with a grid to prevent the parrot from having access to the non-hygienic elements it contains.

Amazon Parrot Toys

Parrots are very inquisitive and then enjoy searching, foraging, in general when the task is complicated. They enjoy prospecting with their beak anything that leaves enough room for you to immerse yourself in this exploration tool.

They enjoy playing, foraging, and then for food. so why not turn lots of foods into super fun toys? A combination of the most attractive for your bird.

In addition, this type of toy can greatly entice a fussy parrot to try new foods. Offer him taste toys that have many difficulties in accessing food.

Habits of Amazon Parrots

Each individual is different then depends on his experiences than on the education he received. taking an amazon is not without problems, they are animals that require a lot of time on a regular basis, 3 hours out is one at least.

It is not reasonable to take an amazon if you live in an apartment, they cry especially in the morning and then in the evening, which is a natural behavior.

They are particularly sure of themselves parrots, adaptable, very playful then active, they are curious then rather easy to tame.

Their education can give a hard time since the amazon bird are frequently qualified as stubborn then temperamental, but their greediness will lose them!

Amazon Parrot Food

amazon parrot food

The Amazon parrot particularly appreciates a diet recommended with a mixture without sunflower (indeed with an Amazon, we monitor the fat all the more).

It mainly takes extrudates, as well as foods such as nuts, sprouts, “healthy treats” (Avicake product, Nutriberries), Vegetables or Fruits or even pasta and pieces of bread or cheese. Please see our page on prohibited and harmful foods for your parrots.

Amazon Parrot Lifespan

Parrot Amazon are increasingly popular pet birds. Known for their very playful nature, amazons demand attention. With a lifespan of 80 years (average of 40 years depending on their habitat), amazons are loyal to their master.

Amazon Parrot Prices

The price varies greatly depending on the place of the purchase; You will easily find Amazons for more than 1300$ in pet stores, while a private or professional breeder can sell them to you for less than 1000$.

Most are raised by hand, which promotes interaction and integration; However, be careful not to buy a parrot that is too young, unweaned, that is to say before the age of 4 months.

Amazon Parrot Adoption

SOURCE: Parrot Playhouse

Amazon Diseases

amazon parrot green

  • Rhinitis: It is very sensitive to any change in temperature and then to air currents which promote the appearance of inflammation of the wax and then of the nasal mucosa, the operators responsible are multiple and varied (mycoplasma, aspergillosis, scabies, staphylococcus, volatile toxic substance, etc.). If the pathology is not clean quickly, it is frequently complicated by tracheobronchitis, aerosacculitis (attack of the airbags), or pneumonia marked by intense abdominal breathing.


  • Infra-orbital sinusitis: Frequent complication of the previous virus, is marked by an accumulation of pus in the infra-orbital sinus following communication with the nasal cavity. The discharge is abundant then thick, but the most extraordinary thing is that the skin swells under the eye, causing the latter to close and then sepsis.


  • Chlamydiosis (psittacosis-ornithosis): this virus happens to be a famous zoonosis (transmissible to boys) which is advised to be declared in many cities. it happens to be transmitted between birds mainly from the respiratory tract then sometimes by the digestive tract, contamination of the egg is also possible. it happens to be favored by stress, lack of hygiene, etc… A small percentage among the birds that follow (parrots, parakeets, canaries, pigeons, etc…) develop the pathology, on the other hand, not badly are asymptomatic carriers and are therefore a springboard for the spread of infection, as are sick birds that have been cured (whitewashed) by antibiotics.


  • Aspergillosis: Aspergillus fumigatus happens to be a mycosis that takes advantage of a drop in immunity or prolonged antibiotic treatment to enter the body in the form of spores mainly through the respiratory tract, on the other hand also through the digestive tract or through the egg. There is dejection, diarrhea, weight loss, and then mostly sinusitis which is capable of being complicated by bronchopneumonia and then nervous disorders. At the autopsy, we mainly notice plaques of a white-green-yellowish tint that cover the respiratory organs and then mostly the air sacs.


  • Candidiasis: Unlike aspergillosis, candida Albicans mainly attack the digestive system. The bird (mostly among the young) remains in a ball in a corner, no longer feeds, loses weight, has diarrhea with sometimes dyspnoea then deformation of the beak, and more rarely neurological problems.

Amazon Parrot Talking

SOURCE: wingsNpaws

Amazon Parrot Origin

The Amazon parrot comes mainly from South America. Of the 26 species, many inhabit the continental forests, including the blue-fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva) then the Versicolor amazon (Amazona Versicolor), with a blue head and then a wine-red belly.

Amazon parrots in France

amazon parrot

Adopting a parrot is not something to be taken lightly and should generally not be motivated by ”love at first sight” or ”impulse buying”.

What is put online for the adoption of any animal, is even more so when it is a question of a parrot which has the strength to have a life expectancy comparable to that of a human being for many species.

An amazon bird raised by hand requires a lot of attention and affection. He is impregnated by boys from birth and needs human contact. he is able to stress or even prick himself (pecking disease) and in extreme cases mutilate himself.

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