Choosing a parrots species


choosing a parrot

Choosing a parrots species -Each Parrot has very specific characteristics and it is essential for the owner to be well informed before making his choice. Here is an overview of the characteristics of the most common pet birds.


The parakeet is a very good choice, especially for a first bird. It is a gregarious animal, which is easily tamed. It does not require much equipment. Parakeets do not cry very loudly and can learn to speak. This bird does not have destructive behavior.

Parakeets can live 6 to 18 years.

Males tend to bite less than females. In addition, males are often better speakers than females. We distinguish the male from the female by the color of the waxes (nostrils). If they are blue, it is a male, if they are rather yellow, it is a female.


Also a very good choice, especially for a first bird. The cockatiel is easy to tame and loves to be petted. He is not very destructive. Males can speak, but they are mostly good whistlers.

Callopsite parakeets can live from 8 to 20 years.

There are a variety of colors, but in the most popular species, we find the (white) lutinos whose females have yellow transverse streaks on the tail feathers. In the gray variety, the male is distinguished from the female by his very yellow cheeks. Finally, in the pearl variety, the female has white spots on the back.


This is a good choice, especially if it is a hand-fed bird. This bird is still difficult to tame and tends to bite a lot. Lovebirds cannot learn to speak. Their cry is very sharp and can be unpleasant. It is a very territorial animal, so care must be taken when trying to introduce a new individual into a cage.

Lovebirds can live from 4 to 15 years.


It is a good choice, but sensitive ears refrain! The conure can become a very good pet. He is gregarious and likes to play. However, it is difficult to tame it and it is destructive. Conures are not good speakers. They can live 10 to 25 years.


Most Amazons make good pets. But to avoid as the first bird. The owner must be patient to tame his bird. Amazons can be very good speakers. Some birds tend to be overbearing and aggressive, especially during the breeding season.

Amazons can live from 15 to 80 years.

African Gray

African gray can become a very good pet. But to avoid as the first bird. He’s probably the best speaker of all the birds. They are very intelligent and sensitive. On the other hand, they can be very noisy when they give themselves a little chatter!

How To Choose A Parrot Companion For Your Parrot

SOURCE:Victoria Ryann

African grays can live 15 to 60 years.

How to choose your pet bird Parrot


What is the best talking bird for beginners?

What’s the best talking bird to buy?

What is the best parrot for a pet?

What is the best parrot for a beginner?

Choosing a parrots species

Choosing a parrots species

10 The Best Parrots for Beginners

SOURCE: Victoria Ryann

Choosing a parrots species


It is an imposing bird. It requires a lot of space, little care, and attention. Macaws are very noisy and destructive. They can learn to speak. Very strong beaks and talons can cause serious injury.

Macaws can live from 15 to 80 years.


It is a very bad choice. Especially for a beginner. It is a charming bird, but one that requires a lot of attention, care and space. Several cockatoos suffer from maladjustment problems. They are destructive. Cacatoes can learn to speak. Avoid for allergy sufferers as this bird has very powdery skin.

The cockatoos can live from 15 to 80 years.


Very bad choice, especially for a beginner. These birds feed on nectar. In captivity, they must be fed a puree which must be changed several times a day to remain edible. It is a messy bird that makes very liquid droppings and propels it horizontally, so watch your walls! It is still a friendly and playful bird.

Choosing a parrots species

choosing parrot

I’m going to tell you which parrots are the most popular with people but first and more importantly I’m going to discuss with you which people parrots like the best because just as in any good relationship it takes two sides to make a good match so the first thing has to decide is do you have the personality for a bird to be a good Gardener birds can live up to 80 years so it’s really important to make that decision right up front to understand if you have it within your personality type and amount of time you have available to have a parrot as a lifetime companion they’re excellent companions they have certain things different than other pets such as their prey and predators so those factors that come into account in the things were going to discuss the first thing is parrots like people that are calm and sedate and talk softly they like that a lot if you’re a quick mover if your fast if you’re loud then generally you’re not going to be a good bird owner the second thing that I’ve noticed is that people that had really good relationships with their birds or basically over average intelligence a little eccentric very compassionate and passionate about their Hobbies bursting one of them so if you possess those traits the chances are the parents are going to like you so now we’ve already established that you’re the person that parents like generally people like birds that are talkative affectionate and colorful problem is no bird has all those things so you have to choose one of them that you like sure one bird might be a colorful bird that speaks well that’s really affectionate but that’s the exception, not the rule I’m speaking from 15 years worth of experience I can only speak in generalities of what I’ve experienced within the different species of birds and what people looking for in birds so let’s say you’re the person that is enthralled with the bird speaking right African Grey Parrot is the number one selling bird that talks the best

Choosing a parrots species

Choosing a parrots species

there also Amazon Parrots and other really good talking birds but the African Grey is barn on the number one selling talking bird so if you’re looking for a talking bird and definitely check out the African grey parrots if you want an affectionate bird I would suggest umbrella cockatoos basically the number one selling affectionate for that doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time, for example, moluccan cockatoo is really affectionate big beautiful bird people come in the store and I just want to pet it for hours it’s beautiful it’s better credit and then we say now it’s 5 hours a day doing that do you have 5 hours a day to do that usually not sometimes they do if you do great if you don’t put the bird back Umbrella Cockatoo to 3 hours a day still a lot of time to do this and have the burden on you but it’s less codependent still is co-dependent Dynamic looking cockatoo is if you want a quiet / then you go for the smaller birds typically a bird just like the pineapple Green-Cheek Conure they become extraordinarily common over the past year as a result of favored its a gorgeous location pineapple as a result of the same Palace of a pineapple the oranges the screen in their brilliant Reds there a small little conure there a quiet, you’re unlike a sun conure so if you live in an apartment this is a great pet for you great for kids great for adults straight for anybody to great little bird no problem if you want to play for bird which I really haven’t gotten into The Kayaks are awesome their little clowns they’re just fantastic birds that they play around they don’t talk maybe they can talk order to shouldn’t say that there are talking bird if you’re going to look at them to buy it as such so those are for really good birds that anybody should look at when they’re looking for bird if you’re the type of person that birds like

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