Cohabitation between Parrot and Cat

Cohabitation between Parrot and Cat
Cat and Parrot: The Cat are natural predators while parrots are easy prey. This can cause problems if these two types of animals are brought to live together. As is often the case in cartoons, outdoor cats and even domestic cats stalk birds. They pounce on them because these behaviors are very instinctive. But can these natural instincts be overcome by house cats so that they can coexist peacefully?

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The coexistence of cats and parrots

A cat and a parrot can coexist in a home, but you will need to take certain steps to ensure that a cat cannot physically reach your bird at some point. A cat’s natural instinct to pounce, capture, and “play” with the bird can be manifested at any time. Instantly putting your parrot’s life at risk. But of course, every cat and every parrot is different. Some cats will not be interested in a companion bird at all, while others will make it their life mission to prey on a bird. You will need to assess your pets’ personalities and always be on your guard if you allow your parrot and cat to interact.

Cohabitation between Parrot and Cat

Natural instincts of cats and parrots


In the wild, cats hunt and surprise their prey, which can be small mammals, reptiles, fish, and even birds. It is fun for a cat to jump and grab objects, life or not, and parrots are no exception. Cats see birds as fun to play with or as food and don’t differentiate between pets and wild animals.
Most birds, whether in captivity or in the wild, fly away at the slightest start, noise, or sighting of a cat if they feel threatened at all. The bird may even utter a cry to alert other birds of the predator. Parrots kept as pets are usually not large enough to hurt a cat if they are trying to defend themselves, but even if a large parrot, like a macaw, is approached by a cat, it is instinctively fearful and will run away. if possible before having to fight.

How are cats dangerous for parrots?

It might seem like an obvious answer, but cats can hurt or potentially kill a parrot very easily. It can injure him with its sharp claws or can cause serious injury and infection with the bacteria in his mouth. Cats can also pluck important feathers necessary for flight, balance, and warmth and cause severe mental trauma to the bird that has suffered an attack or threat. Cats can even eat small birds. The eyes of these magnificent felines are often compared to a  moonstone.

Can parrots be dangerous for cats?


While a cat is definitely more dangerous for a parrot than a parrot is for a cat, a larger parrot can still harm an unsuspecting cat. Parrots have strong beaks and claws that can cause damage to anything they decide to grab. They can catch and bite a cat, especially if the cat is scared and doesn’t try to attack the bird. It is most often seen with shy or curious cats and frightened parrots acting in self-defense.

Different ways to help cats and parrots coexist

Despite the fact that cats naturally want to catch and even eat pet parrots, there are things you can do to help these species live together peacefully in your home:

  • Secure the Bird Cage: If you have a curious cat, make sure your parrot has a secure cage or aviary that the cat cannot enter so that you don’t have to worry about it when you are ” away”. not at home. Also, make sure your cat cannot overturn the crate. Small cages like those used for canaries are often placed on tables and can easily be overturned. Secure the “cage” to a sturdy stand or table, or make sure the cage is heavy enough that your cat cannot push it. Finally, use locks or carabiners to make sure your cat cannot open the cage doors.
  • Keep them in separate rooms: Consider placing the crate in a room where you can prevent your cat from entering. A caged bird that is stalked by a cat (even if it is safe behind bars) can cause unnecessary stress.
  • Never leave a cat in a cage or aviary: Do not let the cat spend time in the aviary or cage, even if the parrot is not present. You don’t want your cat to see these places as their own places and develop a sense of ownership or land claims.
  • Try to introduce your parrot to your cat: This is a very slow process and you should start by allowing your caged parrot and your cat to see each other from afar. Optionally, you can reduce the distance between the two after making sure that they are both comfortable and not stressed. Some people who have cats that show no sign of going into predator mode will pull their parrot out of its cage and allow the two to see each other unimpeded by bars. If you feel comfortable trying this, it should be done with a lot of caution and awareness in case your parrot tries to jump out of your hands or your cat tries to pounce on the bird.

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Parrot and Cat

Cat and Parrot

There are about 63 million animals in French households. Of these 63 million companions, there are about 13 million cats and just under 6 million birds. Many people would be eager to adopt birds in addition to their feline companion, or vice versa. But how is the cohabitation between cat and bird organized, when these two species are enemies in the wild?

THE predatory instinct of a cat is innate, even if you acquired yours from a breeder and he never had to hunt for food. Wild cats feed mainly on small rodents such as mice as well as small birds. Exotic birds such as parakeets, canaries, and small parrots are therefore perfect prey for cats… However, the cohabitation between cat and bird is not impossible, as long as you take care of their safety and keep an eye on them.

Cat and bird cohabitation: setting realistic goals

We find on the internet many touching videos that show us cats and birds, behaving like the best friends in the world. These little sequences make you smile and give hope that these animals can one day become good play partners. Do you want to adopt cats and birds? So it is essential to set realistic goals.

Sometimes the miracle happens, and cats quite naturally accept birds, consider them as full-fledged family members, and can even play cautiously with them. But if your pets accept each other and if your cat’s predatory instinct doesn’t take over, then it’s already a big victory!

Cat and bird: safety first

Animals react instinctively, especially predators such as our cats. Despite thousands of years of cohabitation with humans, our domestic tigers are still predators deep down, who see small birds as delicious prey. The predatory instinct of our cats can take over at any time, even for cats of a calm nature.

If you want to have both cats and birds as loyal companions, then you are going to have to keep in mind that safety is paramount for both species. Due to the small size of birds, a paw stroke of a cat can be fatal to them. Therefore, your cat should never be in direct contact with your bird and even less unattended.

Even if your bird lives in a cage for a large Parrot, your cat can easily sneak a paw through the bars and injure your feathered pet! In addition, you should take into consideration that it is not impossible for your feline to overturn your bird’s cage, especially if it is of a small size.

Nevertheless, the cohabitation between exotic birds and cats is not impossible! Cat and bird can go hand in hand!

A bird on a cat territory

How does the reception of a bird take place in an apartment or house occupied by cats? In the same way, could you adopt a cat if you already have parakeets, Lovebirds, or cockatiel?

The use of an outdoor aviary is highly recommended for these exotic birds and will ensure that your cat will not cross your birds. If you do not have a large garden or do not want to adopt birds by the dozen, then you can use a large indoor cage suitable for one or more birds.

If your birds live indoors, then you will need to set up a sufficient safety distance between your hairball and your feathered animals. Ideally, cats and birds should not be in the same room unattended. The cage must be well secured and offer enough space so that your birds can avoid contact with a possible paw that has slipped through the bars.

In order to strengthen the bonds between your animals, you must adopt exemplary behavior. Be respectful of your birds and don’t use them to awaken your cat’s hunting instinct, if only to play.

However, do not forget to pay special attention to your cat. The latter should not feel jealousy! If your cat is spying on your bird or is ready to pounce, a strict “no” can set the record straight. Your birds are family members and your cat will eventually have to figure it out!

Finally, prevention is better than cure. A relaxed cat, with a full stomach, will consider your birds as entertainment for the eyes rather than as a small snack to get under the tooth.


Cat and wild bird

Lovers of wild birds are not necessarily the best friends of outdoor cats, who take advantage of their freedom to walk in the garden and the surroundings, in search of small feathered prey.

Wondering why they don’t like them? We have already mentioned the fact that small birds are perceived as irresistible prey by cats. Adult birds are not among their favorite prey; on the other hand, nestlings, sick or elderly birds are often among their victims. Animal advocates claim that cats threaten the existence of wild birds. So far, no scientific study has been able to confirm this assumption.

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We wish you wonderful moments with your animals!


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