Colorful Parrot art

Colorful Parrot art

Colorful Parrot art, the first thing that attracts peoples to a Parrot is the colorful plumage.

Whether you are looking for a red, green, blue, or purple companion, birds offer a wide variety of colorways. But colorful plumage isn’t the only thing to consider before adopting a bird.

The parrots are intelligent animals, social, active, and noisy in need of a devoted guardian. If you’re ready to adopt a feathered friend, here are eight of the most colorful parrot species.

Tip before you start:

If your bird’s feathers look a bit dull, it may just be due to normal molting. It could also be a sign of nutritional deficiency or another medical problem.

So consult a veterinarian if anything seems unusual to you.

Most Colorful Parrots

The Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus is one of the few parrot species with sexual dimorphism. This means that males and females have distinct appearances.

Male birds have a bright green color with red and blue accents, while females have red and blue-purple feathers.

These birds are generally friendly and easy-going, but they appreciate that a keeper can keep them in a regular daily routine.

Species Overview:

Size: 43 to 50 cm

Weight: 360 to 540 grams

Physical characteristics :

  • Male: mostly emerald green, red and blue under the wings, and orange bill
  • Female: predominantly bright red, blue on breast and tail, and black bill

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The Sun Conure

Sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis)

Sun conures have almost the entire rainbow on their body.

These captivating birds display red, yellow, and orange colors on their heads, breasts, and wings. These colors are offset by green and blue on their tail and flight feathers.

Sun conures are often as loud as they are colorful. Their cries can be heard from miles away, and they don’t hesitate to utter vocalizations to express their mood.

Species Overview:

Size: 30cm

Weight: 110 to 140 grams

Physical characteristics :

Bright orange, yellow, and red with green and blue reflections; black beak and legs; white circles around the eyes

The Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao)

Scarlet macaw

Scarlet macaws are beautiful parrots with red, yellow, and blue plumage.

Their beauty can be very tempting to someone looking for a pet parrot, but it’s important not to be limited to their striking appearance.

They are large birds that require a lot of attention and space for exercise. They can be loudmessy, and moody, requiring a lot of effort from their caretakers.

Species Overview:

Size: from 80 to 95 cm

Weight: 900 to 1100 grams

Physical characteristics: Bright red with yellow and blue on the wings and tail; white circles around the eyes; tawny upper bill and black lower bill; black legs

The Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara Ararauna)

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Colorful Parrot art

As the name suggests, blue and golden macaws exhibit brilliant blue and yellow plumage over most of their body. They also have accents of rich green.

These birds tend to be intelligent and sociable, and they like to be the center of attention. But they need a lot of space to exercise, and they are prone to making very powerful vocalizations.

Species Overview:

Height: 76 to 92 cm

Weight: 800 to 1300 grams

Physical characteristics: Green forehead turning to teal on the nape, back, tail, and wings; breast and underwing yellow; large black beak

The Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot

These birds are generally curious and active, and they need a lot of mental and physical exercise. They tend to form strong bonds with their caretakers and require several hours of socialization per day.

Species Overview:

Size: 30 to 35 cm

Weight: 300 grams

Physical characteristics: Mainly green; yellow-green face; red stripe on the forehead; lilac on the top of the head and neck

The Ara Hyacinthe


Colorful Parrot art

Besides being one of the most vividly colored parrots, the hyacinth macaw is the largest species of parrot.

They are also among the sweetest and most affectionate birds. However, he is not the ideal pet for everyone. Hyacinth macaws have a reputation for being very sensitive. They need a calm environment and several hours of socializing a day to thrive.

Species Overview:

Size: 100cm

Weight: 1200 to 1450 grams

Physical characteristics: Solid blue plumage; yellow spots around the eyes and beak; black beak; dark gray legs

The Pink-breasted Cockatoo (Rosalbin Cockatoo)

rosalbin cockatoo

Colorful Parrot art

Rose-breasted cockatoos are pink, gray, and white birds with charming personalities.

Their colors are more subdued than those of some other parrots, but their uniqueness makes them very attractive.

Like most cockatoos, these birds are very affectionate and sensitive. They need calm, patient keepers who have plenty of time to spend interacting with their birds.

Species Overview:

Size: 30 to 38 cm

Weight: 280 to 400 grams

Physical characteristics: Pink chest and l