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Funny Parrot


Funny Parrot, charming, affectionate, talkative, Of course, with a “hooked beak”, you never get bored! this sociable parrot is also a very funny companion


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Clever, funny, charming, affectionate, talkative … Sure, with a “hooked beak”, you never get bored! But this very sociable bird is also a demanding companion that requires time, patience, and a lot of affection.

The acquisition of a parrot should be carefully considered. This intelligent and sensitive bird requires a lot of attention, otherwise, it will frequently develop behavioral problems.

Without forgetting that this charming bird has a powerful voice, a huge potential for destruction, a character not always easy, and, above all, an impressive life expectancy: 30 to 80 years, or even more depending on the species!

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Macaw, Amazon, cockatoo, or African gray?

While these species have roughly the same requirements in terms of space, food, and care, they differ in their character and behavior.
Thus, cockatoos are particularly attached and dependent on their master, to the point of sometimes being exclusive. Amazons are extroverted and noisy by nature.

Hypersensitive, African grey parrot sometimes plucks their feathers at the slightest stress and can be biting. Finally, macaws have a reputation for being calm and affectionate, but they can also be loud and aggressive.

In addition, their price varies according to the species (and the breeder!), And if they are raised by hand (EAM) or by their parents (EPP).

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Sociable bird par excellence, the parrot needs a stimulating environment and interactions with its entourage: verbal exchanges, caresses, games …

It is necessary to devote several hours a day to it, to let it leave its cage under surveillance, and to renew his toys to keep him occupied and stimulate his neurons.

Its rectangular cage must be large enough for it to flap its wings, with horizontal bars to be able to climb and a tamper-evident closure system: Coco is very good at picking locks!

funny parrots talking

As attractive as the idea of ​​having a talking parrot, it should in no way constitute a purchasing criterion. Even in species known to be talkative, not all birds have the same skills and some will never speak.

If an African grey parrot, champion of speech, has decided not to say a word, nothing and no one can make him change his mind! But do not be disappointed if your parrot sulks the language of men: he will surely charm you in many other ways!

Blue fronted Amazon

Native to South America, he is the most popular of the Amazons. Without equaling the gray of Gabon, he is quite a good speaker, but his vocal performances vary greatly from one bird to another.
Reliable in character, he is also adaptable, playful, playful, exuberant, clever, and affectionate. But he can be stubborn, noisy, and destructive.
Founder, his insatiable curiosity incites him to chew everything that falls within reach of his beak, hence the need to provide him with a panoply of toys to be abused. He can be very loud, especially in the presence of strangers or if he is dissatisfied: think of your neighbors.
That said, these repeated sessions of piercing screams are part of his natural behavior…
Finally, it is subject to being overweight: watch your diet well.

Blue and gold macaw

Tamed well, this parrot, native to South America, is a pleasant companion, but it can also be very noisy.
Loyal and demonstrative, the blue and gold macaw is particularly cuddly, kind, acrobat, and an excellent actor. He enjoys walking on the ground.
He likes physical contact: he has a constant need to be in interaction with his human family and his fellows. He loves caresses and bickering. He can learn tricks and speak.

African grey parrot

Tail African Grey Parrot

This parrot, which lives in equatorial Africa, is rightly reputed to be the best speaker of the avian world. This gifted person can imitate all kinds of sounds and also learn dozens of words, but above all say them wisely!
Good dough, he is very calm (he rarely shouts), observant, distrustful, fearful, playful, and acrobat. The grey parrot is affectionate if it was handled when he was a baby.
Its hypersensitivity predisposes it to peck (it tears off its feathers). To avoid stress, he needs a safe and calm environment. He likes neither changes nor novelty.

Rosalbin cockatoo

This Australian-born cockatoo is a gentle and very affectionate bird, but it is less “dependent” on humans and less exclusive than other parrot species, which makes it easier to live with.
Curious about everything, extrovert and playful, all the antics are good to do for this bird, which likes to nibble on its toys! Overflowing with energy, he continually needs to exert himself.
Well-educated and endowed with a gentle character, this little parrot is generally not very noisy, except during its moments of madness!

Yellow-crested cockatoo

This Australian parrot should be reserved for a very available person: many hand-raised cockatoos have an almost unhealthy need for human companionship.
This species has the particularity of raising a hoopoe when it is excited or worried. With a gentle character, this bird is very affectionate, curious, noisy, capricious, and destructive.

Like the gray of Gabon, it has a strong propensity for pecking. Exclusive, his attachment to his master can make him jealous and aggressive towards other family members and animals. If he is bored or feels abandoned, this is the stress guaranteed without forgetting his piercing cries!

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