Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey


Where To Buy A Parrot

Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey –African Grey Parrots for sale- Congo Parrot, Timneh Parrot

How much does it cost to buy a parrot?

Price of a Gabon gray parrots:

African grey parrot costs at least 700 $ and around 1000 $ if not 1200 $. The cost difference, it depends on a few sources: 1300 for a pet store is the current cost, it is good that there is a margin, and at this cost, it is a young EAM.

African Grey Parrot Price Guide

It sometimes seems realistic to get babies for around 450 $ – an African grey parrot for sale 500 $ but beware an amateur could die if it is not because they cannot take care of them very well at a critical age.

Equipment and materials for the African Grey Parrot

When buying a parrot, keep in mind that you will also need to buy him a few items so that he can bring him to the test and feel at home. This includes gymnastics components and perches.

Do not be too shocked at the major nature of his expenses. In this category, you can spend as much or as little as you want. Count 50$ / 2 months will be more than enough, after buying the cage and the basic equipment, from 200 $ to 1000 $ according to your means.

Cost of Food and Nutrition for parrot

Now that you’ve adopted your new pet, installed it in their new home, and offered them gym equipment and toys … what should they feed them? Discover our full articles on the grays of Gabon in particular the part on their food.

You can expect to spend between six and fifteen $ monthly for the purpose of the shoots, and between 8 and 20 $ for the purpose of the fat balls.

For fresh fruits and vegetables and fruits, you will need to count between ten and 35 $ monthly. This gives us a monthly total of between 24 and seventy dollar

Medical bills

Think about it properly, because this question is not the majority carried out in order to dissuade you. I’m just mentioning it now because we’ve not finished listing the costs and expenses that the arrival of this bird will bring to your life.

Think, for example, of healthcare costs. They include the annual visits that your bird will need, as well as its vaccines. You can consider adding between 75 and 220$ to the annual expenses for your parrot, depending on its size.

Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey

Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey-african grey for sale

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How To Choose The Right Parrot For You



Which parrot is right for me?

You know you want a parrot but you don’t know which one to turn to? This choice must be made according to certain criteria, the place to give it, the time to devote to it, the noise that you tolerate … Make the right choice!

I live in an apartment and I can’t stand the noise 

In this case, a little noisy parrot would suit you. Among the less noisy you can turn to the Pionus of Maximilien, the Youyou of Senegal, or the Gray of Gabon which is relatively noisy parrots. Another alternative to the parrot is the big parakeet like the cockatiel or the barraband.
You still have to keep in mind that a bird needs to express itself and will always make a little noise …
  • Our apartment parrots
I live in a house and/or I tolerate noise …
The noise doesn’t bother you, so you can turn to all the parrots.
Note among the noisiest: Macaws, Amazons, and also despite their small size: conures!
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I live with my family 

The most “family” parrots are the Ara ararauna, the cockatoos, the pionus, or the conures. They are parrots who love the company and who are not necessarily exclusive. They will require a lot of attention and will be happy to be cuddled by the whole family.

I live alone or without children 

Among the exclusive parrots, we find the well-known Gray of Gabon, the Amazon with a red front, or the Amazon with a blue front. These parrots will easily identify with the person who will take care of them.
However these parrots can also live in a family, if everyone takes care of it the parrot will not identify with a single person and will be more able to interact with the whole family. The education which will be given to him will make a large part of his personality.

I want a talking parrot

You should already know that all hooked beaks (parrots and parakeets) can more or less speak or make imitations.
And yes, not all parrots speak so easily! Some are more sensitive to speech than others. Among the best speakers, we find the Amazon or the Gray of Gabon (it happens to come out with a phenomenal amount of words, as you can see by Enzo on youtube!).
The other parrots are not left out and birds like cockatoos or macaws say several words very easily.
Conures, smaller will have the capacity to say several words or to imitate noises like for example the ringing of the telephone.
How your parrot will speak will again depend on the education you have given it and the relationship you have with it.

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I start with parrots

Several parrots are very suitable for beginners like the Pionus of Maximilian which has a calm character, easy to live with. It is also very quiet, like the Gray of Gabon.
The conures despite the sometimes annoying noise turn out to be real little clowns always looking for games and hugs. In general, he has a calm character, easy to live with. It is also very quiet. It is a parrot that comes easily to contact.
The Ara ararauna, despite its imposing size and its impressive beak, turns out to be a very simple companion. This bird is very close to the people who care for it. This will require giving him the space necessary for his well-being.

I don’t want to do administrative procedures

At that time, you can turn to all our parrots except the Macaws, the Gray of Gabon, some Amazons. Indeed, these parrots are in Annex II / B and Guyana order or Annex I / A, they, therefore, require a detention authorization before arriving at your home.

You can download the file to be returned to the DDPP of your department at this link.

The parrot, a long-lived bird …

The parrot is a bird with a very high life expectancy, conures will live for around twenty years, birds like the caiques can live around forty years while birds like the Grays of Gabon, the Amazon, the cockatoos, or macaws can live for more than 80 years!

I want a little parrot …

There are several small species of parrots such as pionus, caiques, or conures. These birds have a size ranging from 20 to 35cm.

  • Our little parrots

I wish a large parrot
There are several species of parrots, the largest are the Macaw whether ararauna, chloroprene, military or even Macaw. Others like the alba cockatoos or great yellow hoopoe have a less impressive scale but remain all the same very imposing.

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Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey

Where To Buy A Parrot African Grey

As for domestic carnivores, the choice of breeding is paramount when buying a parrot and the future owner often inquires from the veterinarian to guide his choice of the establishment (pet shops, breeders, individuals …).

It is important that the owner determines the criteria to which he attaches importance: small or large breeding, proximity, living conditions and breeding of birds, etc …

Anyway, it is advisable to go there and to visit the breeding in which one plans to buy one’s bird, which makes it possible to go to see the breeding couples, the techniques of breeding of the young people, their state of health, etc …

Moreover, this makes it possible to establish a link with the breeder and benefit from his advice from the acquisition of the animal.

The owner must be able to ask any questions he wants and judge whether he finds the answers obtained satisfactorily or not. Some breeders even suggest future buyers come several times to follow the evolution and growth of the parrot he wants to buy.

Finally, when buying a bird, the new owner of the animal must ensure that he obtains his animal legally (that is to say with all the documents mentioned above) and that it is correctly identified (ring or microchip).

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