Pionus Maximilian

Scaly-headed parrot
                                                                                             Pionus parrot/pionus
Pionus Maximilian or Pionus Maximilian, The name of this pionus comes from a German prince Maximilian Alexander who worked a lot on the subject in Brazil. The pionus Maximilian or Scaly-headed parrot suffers locally from decline following deforestation, industrialization in forest areas, and large catches.

Pionus maximiliani or Scaly-headed parrot

Length : 29 cm

The average measured weight of 263

Description: There were no obvious differences between males and females in this sample. The plumage of most of the body is dark green, paler, and more bronze brown below.

The forehead is almost black. The head feathers are widely spotted with gray giving it a very typical appearance of this subspecies.


Chin and throat are dark blues with a blue-purple stripe across the throat and upper chest. The central tail feathers are green. The outer feathers are blue with a red base. The underside of the tail is red. The bill is yellow with a dark gray base of the upper mandible. The skin in the eye area is gray. 
The iris is dark brown. The legs are gray. Immature birds differ from adults by a paler green head, sometimes a reddish forehead with less blue coloration under the throat. The iris is dark.

The subspecies of Pionus maximiliani

The other two subspecies differ very little from this description as can be seen from the descriptions below: Scaly-headed parrot melanoblepharus is larger than in the description of the species; it measures 31 cm.


This subspecies is similar to this description but it is much darker in the green coloration of the lower chest, abdomen, and back and recognizable especially in turn with dark eyes. The chest band is also slightly darker and more extensive.

The maximilian pionus siy is also larger than in the initial description and marks 30 cm. The general appearance is also similar to this description except for the lower abdomen, back, and flight feathers which have a strong sustained bronze tint.

The band on the chest has a slightly reddish-purple tint and is slightly more extensive than in the description. The Pionus maximiliani lacerus is larger and measures 31 cm. It is very similar to Pm siy but the bronze tint is weaker.

The band on the chest is more extensive and more bluish.

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Scaly-headed parrot!

SOURCE:Tom Leclercq

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