White-crowned parrot


White-crowned parrot

White-crowned parrot or white fronted amazon Males are generally larger and stronger than females. The adult male has a white forehead and crown. The throat is white, and the rest of the head, neck, and chest are dull dark blue. The belly is light green, while the upperparts are dark green, with olive-yellow shoulders.

white crowned pionus

Length: 24 cm, it is one of the smallest Pionus with the fuscus.

Average weight: determined by weighing 3 individuals at Loro Parque is 221 grs.

Description: No significant difference between males and females in this sample, the main color of the plumage is green, and becomes paler on the way down.

white fronted amazon

SOURCE:Nicole davis

The forehead and crown of the head are white, with a white spot on the chin and in the middle of the throat. In-flight, blue and red are very characteristic.
The female is similar to the male, but the blue plumage disappears on a large scale on the lower breast and the shoulder is duller. As a general rule Males tend to be larger and more colorful than females. Young birds are slightly blue on the head and neck

Pionus parrots as pets do pionus parrots talk


How much does white capped pionus cost?

White-capped pionus are typically available from bird breeders and some avian specialty stores. They are occasionally available from avian rescue organizations. These birds can cost about $400 to $900

Are White-crowned parrot loud?

Speech & Sound

Because the white-crowned pionus is quiet in comparison to many other parrot species, it makes a great apartment bird. One caveat, however: the louder the household, the louder the bird. … A houseful of screaming children, barking dogs, and blaring televisions can easily teach the sedate Pionus to be noisy.

How long do White-crowned parrot live?

White-crowned parrot Pionus/Lifespan 25 years

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