White-crowned parrot

White-crowned parrot or white-fronted amazon or white crowned Pionus Males are generally larger and stronger than females. The adult male has a white forehead and crown. The throat is white, and the rest of the head, neck, and chest are dull dark blue. The belly is light green, while the upper parts are dark green, with olive-yellow shoulders.
Length: 24 cm, it is one of the smallest Pionus with the fuscus.Average weight: determined by weighing 3 individuals at Loro Parque is 221 grs.Description: No significant difference between males and females in this sample, the main color of the plumage is green, and becomes paler on the way down.
The forehead and crown of the head are white, with a white spot on the chin and in the middle of the throat. In-flight, blue and red are very characteristic.
 The female is similar to the male, but the blue plumage disappears on a large scale on the lower breast and the shoulder is duller. As a general rule Males tend to be larger and more colorful than females. Young birds are slightly blue on the head and neck


The White-crowned parrot reaches a size of 24 centimeters. The coloring of the plumage is green, with a paler and more yellowish underside. The feathers on the forehead are white, isolated white feathers are also on the throat and cheeks.

The head plumage is green with broad blue borders, the ear covers are dark blue. The breast plumage is olive-brown with purplish-blue edges, gradually turning green further on the belly.

The underside of the tail feathers is red with yellow-green fringes and blue tips. The primaries and the primariesare blue-purple, the inner feathers have a green tip. The lower wing coverts are bluish-green.

The lateral tail feathers are blue with a red dot at the beginning. The beak of this species of parrot is greenish-yellow with gray markings in the center of the beak. The iris is dark brown and the feet are pink.


The White-crowned parrot lives in tropical rain forests, on forest edges, and in clearings with few large trees. Its range extends from southeastern Mexico to western Panama.


The White-crowned parrot lives mainly in the lowlands. There it roams in small groups, but can also be found at altitudes of up to 1500 meters.

Like the closely related black-eared parrot, which lives in a part of the same range, it is quite adaptable to environmental changes.

The small flocks of White-crowned parrots join together to form larger flocks of up to 100 or more birds when there is sufficient food.

The parrots live exclusively in trees and are very quiet so that they are hardly noticeable. They are fast fliers and show a wave-like flight movement.


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In the wild, White-crowned parrots eat fruits, berries, seeds, flowers, and corn. In captivity, white-crowned Pionus should be fed a mix of high-quality seeds and pellets, as well as a variety of fresh foods like bird-safe fruits and vegetables. white-crowned Pionus love to eat corn, especially corn on the cob, so be sure to make it a regular snack for these lovely birds.

Keeping your bird busy with new foods is not only nutritionally beneficial but also provides essential mental stimulation for your feathered friend. You can give him an unlimited amount of food in the form of pellets; he will only eat what he needs. As for fresh fruits and vegetables, offer about 1/8 to 1/4 cup in the morning and evening.

They feed on fruits, seeds, and nuts. Sometimes they cause damage to crops.


It is a very sociable species; they form flocks of up to 30 to 50 individuals, especially after the breeding season. These parrots can talk and are little noisy animals that are highly appreciated as pets.

Pionus parrots as pets do pionus parrots talk



They prefer to locate their nests in natural tree hollows. They lay 3 to 6 eggs and reproduce from January to April. They nest in hollows of trees. White-crowned parrot Females lay 3 to 6 white eggs directly on the bottom of the hollow.

Conservation status

White-crowned parrot

The bald parrot is common in all parts of its range, in Costa Rica it has become a cultivar in some places. Populations may have declined slightly in western Nicaragua due to habitat destruction. White-crowned parrots sometimes live in protected areas in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

How much does white capped pionus cost?

White-capped Pionus are typically available from bird breeders and some avian specialty stores. They are occasionally available from avian rescue organizations. These birds can cost about $400 to $900

 Are White-crowned parrots loud?

Speech & Sound Because the white-crowned Pionus is quiet in comparison to many other parrot species, it makes a great apartment bird. One caveat, however: the louder the household, the louder the bird. … A houseful of screaming children, barking dogs, and blaring televisions can easily teach the sedate Pionus to be noisy.

How long do White-crowned parrot live?

White-crowned parrot Pionus live 25 years

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