Pohnpei Lorikeet

Pohnpei Lorikeet

Pohnpei Lorikeet 24 cm; 70–85 g. Dark reddish maroon throughout, darkest on the head but with vague greyish scaling on rest of body; orange bill, grey legs, wing feathers dark yellowish-grey, tail greyish basally, dull yellow distally.

Pohnpei Lorikeet Female has a yellowish bill and greyish white (as against yellow-orange) iris. Immature like an adult.

Member of the putative T. chlorolepidotus species-group (see that species). Monotypic.



Pohnpei Lorikeet parrot


Pohnpei, in E Caroline Is.


Forest and plantations.

Diet and Foraging

Pohnpei Lorikeet eating Nectar and pollen of coconut palms; also fruit and fly larvae.

Sounds and Vocal Behavior

Has quite a large repertoire of harsh notes, chatters and more whistled notes, including a diagnostic over slurred “krr-EE-ah”, given both in flight and when perched.


Breeding condition birds in Nov. Pohnpei Lorikeet Nest in the hole in coconut palm or another large tree. 1 egg. No further information.

Conservation Status

Not globally threatened. Currently considered Near Threatened. CITES II. A BirdLife “restricted-range” species. Common, especially in lowland plantations.

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