The size of the flight feathers of parrots


The size of the flight feathers of parrots, a question that comes up again and again ...

Our dear Pablo has spoken to us at length about this subject, that of trimming or not the flight feathers of our feathered loves. He has proved undeniable that parrots were made to fly and brought all the benefits of having a bird that has its flight feathers.

On the other hand, he also made a complete list of the risks incurred by our Coco who have the flight feathers cut. Johanne returned to the charge on this subject in her book “the behavioral tripolarity of the parrot “, and yet the question of trimming the flight feathers or not comes up again and again!

Having browsed through various discussion forums on the Net, I have seen that this question is still a subject that leads to hot and heated debates. Most of the time, when the conversations get too tight and the risk of arguments becomes imminent, people end their conversation so as not to inflame the situation further on: “It’s everyone’s choice whether or not to trim the flight feathers. . ” Nice way to save face and retire without losing too many feathers, but what about that choice? There are not any. I do not see what the human can do as a choice, since my faith, it is not he who is endowed with these tools that we call wings. By what right can he grant himself this … right?

At the risk of shocking ( I apologize in advance ), I believe this is due to the fact that we humans have always wanted to control and subdue our environment as we please according to our needs and convenience. Often we give ourselves a clear conscience by evoking security reasons.

For example, the bird will perch on the ceiling fan, and the person who owns this bird wonders if they can prune the flight feathers of their darling Coco to prevent it from landing on the machine by question to prevent him from having a terrible accident!

The size of the flight feathers of parrots, a question that comes up again and again ...

Well, let’s see! It is not for Coco to be mutilated for that, it is a false good reason. In an environment where birds live, there should be no objects that can injure the bird, or if there are, they should be turned off or out of reach when the bird is free. Another false good reason is: that I cut my bird’s feathers because I want to bring them outside in the summer. Johanne told us, however, that even a bird with clipped wings must put on a harness.

The instinct to flee is stronger than anything, the bird risks taking off anyway and going to crash a little further at the risk of colliding with something else. I also saw people who tried to restrict the ability of their birds to move around in order to prevent them from nibbling on furniture, or going to their needs everywhere! Ho! The! The! The! Better to choose a trinket in this case or a plush! Birds are moving, they are alive, they are not made just to be looked at. These people, instead of making the effort to educate their birds, once again want to take the easy way out.

The bird must not be adapted to our environment, it is we who must adapt our environment to the bird. Be imaginative, and find sustainable solutions that can ensure that our parrot can live happily and safely with its flight feathers intact rather than considering the easiest solution! Forcing yourself a bit! What I have just told you involves regularly questioning yourself as a human being.

It is respect and acceptance of this creature in its totality. It is a being that flies and that we cannot modify. Isn’t that why we chose to live with such an animal, because he has this extraordinary faculty that we do not have? If humans are not ready to accept that the bird is made to fly, it is necessary, for the good of the latter, to choose other animal species.

As long as humans want to control their birds instead of simply trying to live with them, the famous question about the size of flight feathers will come up again and again! We must stop hiding behind false good reasons and make the effort to give these creatures a chance to show us what they are really capable of by possessing their full faculties.

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