Yellow-naped amazon parrot


Yellow-naped amazon parrot

The Yellow-naped Amazon parrot has the scientific name of Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata . It belongs to the Psittacidae family and in English, they are called Yellow-Naped Amazon, Yellow-Naped Parrot, or Golden-Naped Amazon.

  • 1 Distribution of the Yellow-naped Amazon parrot
  • 2 Physical characteristics of the yellow-necked parrot
  • 3 Yellow-necked parrot feeding
  • 4 Care for your bird’s health
  • 5 The behavior of the yellow-necked parrot
  • 6 How to download or listen to yellow-necked parrot songs

Yellow-necked parrot distribution

It has its origins in southern Mexico, Central America, and northern South America.

Physical characteristics of the yellow-necked parrot

He has the body mainly in a bright green color, with a yellow spot on the nape and red edges on the feathers of his wings. They have gray beaks and feet. They are about 47 centimeters long from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. In captivity and receiving the necessary care, the yellow-necked parrot can live more than 60 years.

Yellow-necked Parrot feeding

Like all parrots, they will get along very well with a high-quality diet. It can be supplemented with a mixture of seeds and daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. A fresh and varied diet will help to ensure that your bird has perfect nutrition. Feeding is a good way to tame a baby yellow-necked parrot.

Amazon yellow-necked (Amazona ochrocephala)

Care for your bird’s health

They are highly intelligent and playful birds, who like to be the center of attention. They are also excellent talkers and form very close ties with their owners. Like many of the Amazon parrots, the yellow-necked parrot can go through a complicated hormonal phase until they reach sexual maturity. They can pinch, vocalize very loudly and even avoid contact with the owners. For this reason, they are not recommended for inexperienced bird owners.

Parrots in the Amazon region are prone to being overweight. This makes it important that they are removed from their cage and are in a space where they can exercise every day. If you want to have a yellow-necked parrot, you should be able to give it a minimum of 3 to 4 hours outside its cage, every day. This will allow the bird to burn excess calories and exercise its muscles. It will also provide essential mental stimulation for all parrots.

Meet Yellow-Naped Amazon “Basil”

SOURCE:Nature on PBS


Yellow-necked Parrot Behavior

These parrots are fast-thinking creatures. They become wonderful pets for owners who really want to form a great bond with their bird. His intelligence and remarkable ability to speak have placed him among the most popular parrot species in the world.

parrots love social interaction and they need it to stay healthy and happy. Birds that are neglected often develop destructive behavior patterns and even depression. This can manifest itself in various physical and emotional problems. It is important that owners of the yellow-necked parrot set aside a period of time each day for closer interaction with their bird, to establish and maintain a healthy bond.

When fed by hand, yellow-necked parrots usually become a loving and affectionate pet. Potential owners should remember that if you buy this bird you will be taking care of a creature that is as intelligent and emotional as a human child. These birds can live to be over 60 years old if taken care of, so the decision to have one should not be made quickly.

How to download or listen to yellow-necked parrot songs

You can download the song of the yellow-necked parrot on our website, for that just click with the right button on the name of the song, then click on (Save Link As and choose the place where it will be saved). You can also listen, just click on the play button.

Yellow-necked Parrot singing


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