Bronze-winged parrot

Bronze wing pionus

The bronze-winged parrot ( Pionus chalcopterus ) is a bird that belongs to the Psittacidae family.

About a foot long, it has sky-blue plumage, spotted with white on the neck. Front feathers fringed with pink, the tail is red, circled in the pink eyepiece, more vivid in the nesting season, and brown eyes.

It is found in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. It lives in temperate forests and mountains, in pairs or small flocks.

Lays two to four eggs. The male spends part of the time on the nest with the female during incubation.

Length : 28 cm.
Average weight: determined by weighing 8 individuals at Loro Parque is 234 grs.


The main color of the plumage is blue-violet and tones of bronze-brown on the wings. The chin is white and turns pink on the throat.

The eastern back is bronze-green in color and turns bluish on the lower back. Outstretched, the wings display blue feathers underneath. The tail feathers are blue with a red base.

The eastern eye-ring is pinkish in color, the legs are pinkish-gray. Immature birds have darker plumage and overall less attractive colors.
 The Pionus chalcopterus cynescens is slightly smaller than the nominal species above (27 cm) and would be more slightly bluish on the breast and abdomen.

Bronze Wing Pionus



The bronze-winged parrot lives in the tropical and subtropical montane forests of northwestern South America, northwestern Venezuela, northwestern Peru to western Ecuador, and southwestern Colombia.


The breeding season is from February or March to June or July. The clutch usually contains 3-4 eggs. Incubation lasts 24-26 days.


Bronze-winged parrot

bronze wing pionus

Inhabits moist, deciduous forests. They move from one place to another depending on the season. They are very sociable and often gather at night in large flocks. The average life expectancy is about 40 years.


The bronze-winged parrot feeds on fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Bronze wing Pionus breeder

The bronze-winged parrot is a relatively rare parrot species in Europe. Breeding has rarely been successful and the mortality rate from captive breeding is quite high.

Bronze Wing Pionus Price

The price of a bronze winged parrot reaches 300 dollars

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