How do I know if my african grey parrot is happy


The body language of African Grey parrot

African Grey Parrot Signs of relaxation  :


The beak squeak:

– It squeaks with its beak when it is calm, quiet, or when it is going to sleep.

The swelling of the feathers:

– When a Gray is really relaxed, he often puffs up the feathers of the head and neck. But beware, this can also be a sign of illness especially if it stays that way for a long time!

Head under the wing:

– Many Grays sleep this way at night, but also during the day, especially if their master is away.

Tremor of chest feathers:

– It’s a sign of happiness.


Signs of fear :



– If your Gray suddenly stops moving, it is instinctively that he reacts to noise, or when he feels that something is wrong.

Plated feathers:

– Unlike the relaxation sign where the bird inflates it’s head and neck feathers, the Gray flattens its feathers when it is frightened.


– The Gray of Gabon growls when scared of something that is in its territory


The sign of attack :


Spiky feathers on the body:

– It inflates all its feathers to appear bigger, it is in an attack position and protects its territory.


Signs of love :



– In nature, the Gray regurgitates to feed its young or its spouse. If your Gray starts to shake his head, zoom in his eyes, and regurgitate a semi-liquid substance, consider that a big compliment, he’s trying to feed you. Do not encourage him in this attitude.


– If your gray lowers its wings making them tremble, and emitting little moans, he feels love for you. It’s best to show him how much you love him too, but not respond “physically” until he’s calmed down.

How do I know if my African GREY is happy


Signs of nervousness :
Cleaning nails with flapping wings:

– Nervous Grays tend to bite their nails incessantly and then wave their wings very quickly. It can also be a sign of fatigue.


– Some Grays are hyperactive when they are nervous, tired, or hungry.


These manifestations are often accompanied by gestures that do not mean the same thing.

There are advances, or on the contrary, they can go back, it will not have the same meaning.


The gray moves forward, puffing up and growling does not necessarily mean that it is going to attack, but that it shows certain anxiety towards a thing or a being.

The gray recedes swelling and growling, that means, don’t go any further because I’m scared, and in this case, I can attack well.


It all depends on the situation, it is for this reason that the sheet does not really provide information on the intentions of a gray.


The Amazons will ruffle the feathers when they are good, but also when they fear something, during songs, displays.

Difficult to give details without knowing the context.

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