Parakeets names

parakeets names
Parakeets names: Parakeets are birds with a very friendly appearance. In addition, if the guardian of these magnificent birds is lucky, they can end up being very talkative and sociable.

At the time of baptism, it will be necessary to make sure to give a name that our parakeet can reproduce and pronounce. Therefore, one of the training courses that will have to be made to follow him will be learning of his own name.

If you continue reading this article Names for male and female parakeets from AnimalPlanet, you will discover a list of names for male and female parakeets!

Names for male parakeet

Here is a small list of names that will have like a glove to your male parakeet:

  1. Hannibal
  2. Archibald
  3. Ataulfo
  4. Atila
  5. Benemérito
  6. Bernardo
  7. Bernard
  8. Bernabé
  9. Barnabé
  10. Ceferino
  11. Christ
  12. Crisobald
  13. Darío
  14. Dedé
  15. Diego
  16. Dionysus
  17. Doctor
  18. Doctor
  19. Emeritus
  20. Emilien
  21. Emiliano
  22. Fauste
  23. Philippe
  24. Frigid
  25. Gaucho
  26. Gigolo
  27. Grimaldi
  28. Hippolyte
  29. Hulk
  30. Jéjé
  31. Jeremy
  32. Jeremiah
  33. Kilian
  34. Leandro
  35. Lindo
  36. Beau
  37. Lionel
  38. Lisandre
  39. Loupe
  40. Mémé
  41. Monseigneur
  42. Messi
  43. Nostromo
  44. Nuno
  45. Pampero
  46. Prudence
  47. Ramirez
  48. Ruffin
  49. Raphael
  50. Rupert
  51. Tracy
  52. Triboulete
  53. Tassio
  54. Ubaldo
  55. Viriato
  56. Wonder
  57. Xenón
  58. Yakob
  59. Ziguray
  60. Zorro

Names for female parakeets

Here is a small list of female parakeets:

  1. Loved
  2. Aina
  3. Anna
  4. Arianna
  5. Arianne
  6. Bérénice
  7. Black
  8. Brenda
  9. Scrap
  10. Círice
  11. Chantal
  12. Criolla
  13. Cuba
  14. Dalia
  15. Dama
  16. Dynamite
  17. Dora
  18. Gentle
  19. Enya
  20. Eva
  21. Eve
  22. Avoided
  23. Frída
  24. Gigi
  25. Grace
  26. Gracia
  27. Graciela
  28. Helena
  29. Irene
  30. Kasandra
  31. Kristal
  32. Lima
  33. Lisa
  34. Whim
  35. Luisa
  36. Lewd
  37. Luna
  38. Moon
  39. Miranda
  40. Myriam
  41. Snow
  42. Nina
  43. Nini
  44. Nínive
  45. Nona
  46. Nun
  47. Nubia
  48. Pampa
  49. Prima
  50. Pruna
  51. Plum
  52. Pure
  53. Renée
  54. Renata
  55. Rika
  56. Raiki
  57. Rita
  58. Selene
  59. Selena
  60. Siracusa
  61. Syracuse
  62. Sirena
  63. Sor
  64. Sun
  65. Soraya
  66. Tamara
  67. Tania
  68. Tatiana
  69. Viviana
  70. Viviane
  71. Wilma
  72. Xena
  73. Zine

Differences between a male parakeet and a female parakeet

ring necked parakeet male female

One of the main observable differences between a male parakeet and a female parakeet lies in their color and not that of their coat but that of their wax.

What is wax?

The wax is a small membrane that covers the nostrils of the bird, the males will have it rather blue or pink color while the females that of females will be white, bluish, or brown.

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Basic care of a male and female parakeet

It is very important to offer our budgie a large space where she can live. You can use a large cage and even an aviary, although the ideal is to allow it to leave its cabin 2 to 3 times a day. Remember to close the windows tightly as it could escape, taking advantage of a favorable draft. It will be necessary to put the cage in a large room, cool and well illuminated, away from drafts and too direct exposure to the sun.

Especially in summer and during hot weather, it will be appropriate to put a small container that will serve as a pool so that our budgie can bathe. In addition to being an entertaining and stimulating experience, it is something recommended in order to avoid the presence of parasites. To make her have fun, we recommend buying her toys and accessories. You must never forget that budgies are very intelligent animals that need to do activities and play to be happy.

Clean the cage and accessories weekly. Regular cleaning will help you prevent the onset of diseases while improving the hygiene of your beautiful budgie.

On the market, you will find ready-made mixtures, specially designed for budgies. Always opt for high-quality granivore blends. Do not hesitate to supplement his diet with fresh fruits and vegetables to offer your budgie all the vitamins possible. Never forget to always leave fresh water available that you will have to change daily.

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Names for parakeets

Name for parrot

Do you have a parrot at home? A desire to give it a pretty and original name? Discover our short list:

  • Ursus
  • Womba
  • Tolkien
  • Tomy
  • Scruppy
  • Scuby
  • Juno
  • Cupid
  • Curry
  • Goliath
  • Febé
  • Guido
  • Momo
  • Darko
  • Nano
  • Ulysses
  • Urko
  • URI
  • Urux
  • Ury
  • Bender
  • Bendi
  • Benji
  • Bear

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Parakeet Name Species

There are over sixty different Parakeet name species. The largest family is that of the psittacine. 

SOURCE:Kevin and Krista’s Flock

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