Parrot aviary

Parrot aviary

If you own one of the following parrots, you may be looking to buy the best outdoor Parrot aviary or building or your own outdoor aviary for parrots or parakeets:

An aviary is simply a place where birds are raised. Since aviaries are large enough for birds to fly, they are sometimes called flight cages and can be kept indoors or outdoors. If you already own a parrot, you know that these birds have special needs because they are very intelligent and need a lot of space to move around. That’s why large aviaries are perfect for parrots.

Parrots live just as long; it’s not uncommon for parrots to live 40-60 years or more, so be prepared to give your parrot the healthy environment it needs to grow for many years to come.

There are several factors to consider before building or buying an outdoor aviary for parrots and acquiring a parrot is not a decision that should be taken lightly. You need to make sure that you will be able to adequately meet the mental and emotional needs of these complex birds. Before you start, you should take your time to consider the different species of parrots and the wide variety of needs they have.

Choosing the best outdoor aviary for parrot

If you don’t own a parrot, or have never owned a parrot before, you should make sure that owning a parrot is good for you. Consider the following factors before making a decision.

  • Sound level: Consider the environment in which you live. If you live in a city or suburb, near neighbors, remember that even the quietest parrots can scream loudly from time to time. You should also be prepared to give your parrot as much attention as possible so that your parrot does not constantly attract attention.
  • Time and attention: The time and attention required are the first reasons why people abandon parrots. Be prepared to spend quality time with your parrot on a daily basis. Remember that parrots are very intelligent birds with a complex emotional life. If you spend little or no time with your parrot, your bird may become noisy or behave destructively. Take the time to understand what it means to acquire a parrot.
  • Cost of ownership: The cost of owning a parrot doesn’t stop when you buy or adopt your bird. Remember that you will need to feed your parrot, provide him with toys and visit the avian veterinarian. You should be prepared to assume the costs associated with the maintenance of a parrot.
  • Provide proper parrot nutrition: Remember that you will need to buy a variety of high-quality food for your parrot. Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A are the most beneficial. These include squash, cantaloupe, broccoli, and mango. Salmon, tuna, trout, and a variety of grains are the favorites of parrots. You should avoid feeding your parrot simple, commercially available bird seeds, as they do not contain enough vitamin A.

Build an outdoor parrot aviary

Parrots are large birds. If you decide to build your own parrot aviary outdoors, you will need to use very thick wood and very strong metal wire. However, these are just a few of the factors you need to consider. Avoid galvanized wire, as it is very toxic to birds. Stainless steel of 10 to 12 gauges is a much better choice, depending on the size and species of the parrot.

You need to make sure you build an aviary large enough for your parrots, so choose aviary plans that will give your parrots plenty of space. Birds should have enough space to move and fly to keep their muscles in good shape. Provide enough space for greenery and toys so that your parrot does not get bored. Add a floor that will make cleaning easier.

Cement is an ideal material for a Parrot aviary floor. You should also make sure that your aviary has a partially covered roof to protect your birds from the sun and rain. The steeper the roof, the better it is to prevent predators from climbing to the top of the aviary.

Always remember that bird safety is paramount. Be sure to use metal and lead-free paint. In addition, you should use two layers of wire mesh to protect your birds from predators.

What to put in an outdoor aviary for the parrot?

You can fill your aviary with objects that will simulate your parrot’s natural habitat as faithfully as possible. A sunbathing lamp, for example, can be a great source of comfort and warmth, especially in cooler, more humid weather. You need to find ways to protect the aviary from the cold during the winter.

You can also add a variety of plants to your aviary or flight cage. If you decide to add a water source to your outdoor parrot aviary, you should follow the same rules as for birdbaths. Running water is ideal and you should change it daily to prevent bacteria and algae growth and to discourage mosquitoes from breeding. Because parrots are native to tropical climates, they like to bathe. You can add small baths to your parrot’s aviary, or you can add a larger, heavier bowl filled with water.

The bowl should be heavy enough that it won’t tip over when your parrot perches on it. Many parrot owners prefer to take their birds out of the cage or aviary to take a bath. If you prefer to do this, you can bathe your parrot in the sink, or use a special perch that you can use in the shower. Bird perches are also essential inside your outdoor aviary. You should always provide the widest variety of perches possible.

Perches can be made of wood, rope, or heated cement. The right perches can help your parrot maintain strong muscles and develop balance and coordination. Heated cement perches can be especially beneficial if you live in a cooler climate and they can help promote healthy circulation in birds.

Adding interesting toys to your parrot aviary doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. You will find in the house simple and safe products that will add perfectly to your aviary. These improvised parrot toys will keep your birds busy for hours.

Parrots can safely chew, gnaw and shred cardboard paper towels and rolls of toilet paper. You can also hang simple sheets of paper in your aviary to keep your parrot busy. Old cardboard boxes and egg boxes can serve as places where birds can play and hide. String and rope, in addition to making excellent perches, also make good toys. Ice sticks and feathers complete the list of items you can add to your aviary to keep your bird busy.

Conceptualize the aviary

New residence, new aviary! It goes without saying that setting up a new home means setting up a new living area for my parrots. The idea is not to rely on a model but to take into account the needs of the parrots, as well as our own.

Each house is unique; each configuration has its own and you have to expect to have to make compromises. So I approach the installation of my birds with the concepts in mind:

  • protection of elements
  • occupation and activities during the day, i.e. enrichment
  • an interesting and varied diet
  • isolation from the rest of the house for sleep ( always keeping in mind that we aim for 10/12 hours of sleep )
  • and of course accessibility to the rest of the house because you don’t have to spend all day in your aviary!

The compromise I had to make this time was to find a mixed residence in the commercial sector to allow me to open my school ( don’t worry, Philippe promised me for the fall ). Which forced me to have an aviary smaller than I would have liked. I, therefore, furnished it well with a lot of hawthorn wood ( washed, disinfected, and without the thorns, see my texts safe wood and trees, a souvenir of our old property ) and colorful toys. I hope thus to force enrichment by compensating for the loss of space ( aviary level, because they still have access to the rest of the house ).

I also give myself the chance to make changes since, for the moment, the wall protection material ( plastic ) does not seem as resistant as I had anticipated …

Photos of the Parrot’s aviary

Overview of the aviary and some of its new tenants.

Parrot aviary

I reproduced the climbing walls of my previous aviary which had been very successful.

african grey aviary

It’s a familiar element to my birds that helps them find their bearings in this new environment.

aviary parrot toys

When the birds get tired of a toy, they can turn and take a bite of the wall.

aviary of macaw parrot

Quita always fond of nuts of all kinds and her inseparable interactive “Birdy Plunk” dispenser. Interactive, because animated by my hand and the beak of Quita …

When it does not bite nuts, it destroys rope, wooden blocks, and leather thongs.

aviary of cockatoo parrot

I maintain lighting with full-spectrum neon lights, three double sets for the aviary.

aviary of african grey parrot

The buckets follow in order: a) water b) mixture of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits 3) homemade lunch.

Arrangement of the interior aviary of my amazon parrot

Parrots appreciate the tips of perching branches that allow them to quickly fly away. Manifestation of the instinct of prey (see ” Behavioral tripolarity and” The flight of the parrot “); even Étienne, who can no longer fly, occupies the highest position …

Arrangement of the interior aviary macaw parrot

It doesn’t appear in the photo, but I have to re-string this perch several times a year since shredding rope is a popular activity for my parrots. Like what, we cannot know in advance which toy or accessory will become a favorite!

Arrangement of the interior aviary grey parrot

Sleeping perch …

Arrangement of the interior aviary cockatoo

Glamorous perch, the choice is yours!

Arrangement of the interior aviary african grey parrot

Unless you have down-to-earth concerns. The other favorite toy of the aviary is the junction of the plastic which covers the walls and the door. The photo above shows the arrival of the birds in the aviary, the photo below shows the state of the place a few weeks later. Philippe will have to repair everything and use his favorite plexiglass to protect the place …

Even if the aviary is not large, we can always book a tête-à-tête!

… under the watchful eyes of friends!

Enjoy the view, because at the moment everything is still new.

What ? what is going on ??

When the ropes, walls, and toys will have fallen under the beak of my parrots, it will be necessary to move on to the stage which follows the wonder, the household !!!

For now, it’s time to leave the aviary and leave it to their rightful residents!

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