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Parrot list: What are the most popular parrots? Which parrot to adopt? What species of talking parrots are there? Parrots are known to be very sociable and affectionate, which makes them extremely popular companions for humans. In this article, we invite you to discover 5 species of the most popular large parrots as pets: the African Grey, the Amazon, the Macaw, the Cockatoo, and the Eclectus. These are talking parrots, endowed with a fascinating intelligence but also of great beauty with lively and colorful plumages.

Be careful, although these pet birds have indisputable qualities, adopting a large parrot is a very complex undertaking.

Note also that the breeding of large parrots is extremely regulated. To acquire certain species, it is mandatory to obtain a prefectural authorization of detention. Discover the list of the most popular parrots.


African Grey Parrot


Physical characteristics of the Gray Parrot

The African Gray is a large parrot. It is distinguished from its congeners by a very gray feather color, one can observe a color chart of gray on the animals. They are also easily recognized by the presence of a bright red feather on the animal’s tail. It is the most common species but also the largest among all the parrots in Africa. The Gray of Gabon is highly sought after for its particular and beautiful colors.

African Grey Parrots


African Grey life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Gabon Gray is around 50 years, but in some cases, it can go up to 65 years.


The intelligence of the African grey

The intelligence of this species has been the subject of numerous studies. It fascinates many researchers seeking to understand the origin and richness of this extreme intelligence. Some scientists like ethologist Irene Peperbeg have done research on a particular individual. This one was called Alex, he was able to understand more than a thousand words and to pronounce a hundred words thereafter. It wasn’t just words like that, speaking for no reason. He understood the meaning of each word spoken and adapted their use according to the situation.

Another impressive fact, this species is in the ability to understand concepts. That is to say much more than the meaning of a word, he knows how to conceptualize terms, for example, the notion “bigger than…” or “smaller than…”.


Amazon Parrot


Physical characteristics of the Amazon

There are many Amazon species, however today we are particularly interested in large parrots. They are highly sought after animals because of their bright colors. They are animals of extraordinary beauty. Excellent pet, amazon parrot has a very particular immaculate plumage of mainly green.

One of the main characteristics is its golden yellow cap, some feathers are red on its wings, it’s as if a painter had delicately applied a touch of paint to it. This variety of parrots is found mainly in South America in different humid places. These parrots are classified as endangered animals, so keeping an animal of this species requires specific authorizations.


Amazon Parrot

Amazon Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Amazon is around 40 years.


The intelligence of the Amazon

All Amazons are able to speak, however, some individuals cannot. The yellow-headed amazon is a very intelligent animal and very good at talking. But it varies from person to person. Generally speaking, they are funny and active individuals who will make you laugh very often. Forget your parrot to talk, you have to train it; for that, you must help him to replace his “cries” with words. Your parrot won’t speak overnight, you need to be patient and calm while training him.


Hyacinth Macaw Parrot


Physical Characteristics of the Hyacinth Macaw


Macaws are a very well-known, if not the most well-known, species of parrot. Originating from the tropical regions of America, these parrots have magnificent colors. Mostly a strong blue, with touches of color all the same sparingly. Especially on the eye contour, but also towards the mouth we find touches of yellow. These parrots have long tails with feathers mixing blue and black. The price of a parrot of this species can be very high in some cases.



The lifespan of the Hyacinth Macaw

The life expectancy of the Amazon is around 50 years.


The intelligence of the Hyacinth Macaw

The Macaw is a very sociable animal, it is quite easy to raise a macaw as a human. It is a species of animal that will easily adapt to many situations and many environments. It is a sociable animal that enjoys contact with new people. It is an animal that likes to talk a lot but for that, it will have to be taught and encouraged to do so regularly.


Cockatoo Parrot


Physical characteristics of the Cockatoo

Characterized by its yellow crest, this is where it gets its name, Yellow-crested Cockatoo. It is a dominant animal by its size but also by its character. It has an eternal white plumage, crowned with an intoxicating yellow color. No other colors are present on this variety of parrots. As for its crest, it is not constantly raised, it can be lowered at certain times of the day.



Cockatoo Lifespan

The life expectancy of the Amazon is around 70 years. It is one of the longest-lived varieties of parrots.


Cockatoo Intelligence

The Cockatoo is a so-called noisy parrot, which makes it quickly identifiable. It is a very stubborn animal, it is determined in obtaining an object for example. This variety of parrots is very much based on mimicry. She loves to pick up sounds, words, or reactions that she might have observed in her owners. It is a spontaneous animal, which does not necessarily reflect when it speaks for example, which can sometimes give it a rather raw character.


Eclectus parrot


Physical characteristics of the Eclectus

The Eclectus is a parrot that lives in cultivated areas, it is an arboreal animal. We can say that it is an animal with a dimorphic coloring, it is this particularity of its coat that makes it a beauty of nature: the male and the female do not have the same color dominance.

The males have plumage with a majority of green with red, black, orange in small touches, while the females have the dominant color of red and royal blue, with touches of black as well. Another small detail, the texture of the hair is very similar to the texture of animal hair and not a feather.

Eclectus Parrot


Eclectus life expectancy

The life expectancy of the Eclectus is around 70 years. It is one of the longest-lived varieties of parrots.


The intelligence of the Eclectus

The Eclectus is a very curious parrot, he loves to explore new environments. He likes to be in contact with his family to be able to satisfy his curiosity. He is a very good speaker, with a voice comparable to that of a human, so much so that sometimes some people are mistaken. The Eclectus is a very intelligent animal for which speech is a real pleasure.


As you will have understood, a parrot, regardless of the variety, is an affectionate, intelligent and quick-witted animal. Some of them are protected; this is why their detention is controlled by different authorizations. And don’t forget that adopting a parrot is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly.


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Parrots Species List

Parrots are exotic birds because they live in hot countries like Africa, Amazon, Brazil … and they would not survive in the cold regions of the globe.

List All Parrots in the world are often imported as domestic birds, either for the color of their plumage or for their song.

The parrot often has a long life and can sometimes live longer than the man. The African Gray parrot (gray parrot of Gabon) can live a good 75 years. It must be expected that any extended trip or absence requires accommodation or that someone will have to take care of it for you. It’s like having a child for life, so before buying a parrot, you have to think about it.
Parrots are different in color and size depending on the species. The beak of the parrot is very hard and sharp to break the seeds and nuts that make up the majority of its diet. They can also eat fruits and other vegetables.

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Breed Parrot

The parrot often sings and imitates what he hears, for them all the animals sing and our language for him is a song. Some have their own way when they utter words that they have heard, others can imitate the way almost exactly. The gray parrot from Africa (Gabon) does not have an extraordinary plumage but it is one of the best to imitate a way of almost perfect way. A friend had one and you could tell who had taught him a sentence by the sound of the way he imitated.

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Other parrots are more for their colors and plumage because they only scream and sing without imitating words and phrases. In the wild, some people scream in the heart and scare many predators this way. Naturally, if you have a parrot, it will be more difficult for you to sleep in because they start their singing sessions early in the morning.

The parrot can be in a cage or on a perch. The parrot perch is used a lot because the feathers on their wings are usually trimmed so that they can not fly. The parrot cage should be big enough and have several perches so they can walk around a bit. An aviary for a bird is, of course, the best for a parrot to move and exercise more.

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The parrot is an exotic bird

The parrot who is bored will often tear out his feathers and if you do nothing he will end up not having any except on the head. Parrot toys can help, but it is often the presence of another parrot or its owner that he looks for.

The parakeet is a breed of small parrots that are kept in cages. The parakeet will imitate phrases she hears from the man, but with their own lane tone. The parakeet is popular, being small, less expensive, and requiring less maintenance than a large parrot-like the macaw.

It is usually illegal to import parrots except for certain species such as the parakeet and you should make sure that the establishment that sells parrots is well approved. Poachers who illegally import parrots kill 9 out of 10 by their means of camouflaging them.

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