White-fronted amazon


White-fronted amazon

The White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) is a species of parrot in the Amazonidae family. Three subspecies can be distinguished.

The white-fronted Amazon is known for its predominantly green plumage with very bright colors on the cheeks, throat, and sides of its belly. The White-fronted Amazon was threatened with extinction on the IUCN Red List before being reintroduced into the wild in various environments.    

Order: Parrots (Psittaciformes)
Family: Actual parrots (Psittacidae)
Tribe: New World Parrots (Arini)
Genus: Amazon Parrots (Amazona)
Type: White-fronted amazon


The white-fronted amazon belongs to the small Amazon species. Their body length is a maximum of 25 cm. It is one of the few Amazon species in which sex differences can be seen in appearance. The male has distinct, deep red swing feathers, which are recognizable even when at rest. However, one should not always infer the sex from the presence of deep red swing feathers, as hens also show this feature again and again! An exact sex determination can ultimately only be carried out by means of DNA analysis (gentlest method!).

General appearance

Its robust and well-proportioned physique gives it a sympathetic appearance, very close to an illustration of children’s book parrots.


The white-fronted amazon is originally native to the dry savannas and plateaus of Mexico and Central America.


Animals kept in captivity must be accommodated in pairs in aviaries at least 2×2×1 m in size. But they should also be able to fly around freely a lot. Relative humidity of about 60% prevents chronic fungal diseases. You need a varied diet with lots of fruit.

White-fronted amazons are very docile, but like most parrots, they can get quite noisy. The initially rather shy birds usually show a curious and interesting creature after some time and can join their keeper very familiarly. In contrast to some other Amazon species, white-fronted amazons are relatively quiet birds, which only scream quite loudly as a greeting, in case of danger or under stress.

White Fronted Aamazon

Origins of the White-fronted Amazon


The White-fronted Amazon, also known scientifically as Amazona leucocephala, is a species of a parrot belonging to the family Of Neotropical Psittacidae. In its natural state, it lives in the west and center of Cuba, as well as on several islands in the Bahamas archipelago, Little Island, and Grand Cayman Island. It frequents only wooded areas far from dwellings.

The first European explorers discovered it in the middle of the fifteenth century. Legend has it that the very famous Christopher Columbus brought back two specimens to live in the Spanish court. The white-fronted parrot was very close to extinction before being reintroduced into various original environments.

To date, there are four subspecies:

  • Amazona leucocephala leucocephala
  • Amazona leucocephala bahamensis
  • Amazona leucocephala caymanensis
  • Amazona leucocephala hesterna


Physical characteristics of the white-fronted Amazon


Weight and size of the White-fronted Amazon

Weight: 188 to 282 g for both females and males

Size: about 25 cm

Dress and feathers of the Amazon with white forehead

The plumage of the white-fronted Amazon is mostly green. His forehead is white, his crown is blue, and his eye contours are red.

The male is distinguished by its red feathers at the alule, near the shoulder. As for the female, her plumage is exclusively green.

White-fronted amazon price

What is the price of an Amazon parrot?
The price is very variable depending on the place of the purchase; You will easily find Amazon for more than 1300 € in a pet store while a private or professional breeder can give them to you for less than 3000 €.

The character of the White-fronted Amazon


Can we learn to speak the white-fronted Amazon parrot? How do white-fronted Amazon parrots behave? Are they noisy? Is it a playful and sociable bird?

If you are looking for a silent bird, it will not be a good choice, on the other hand in terms of personality you will be served. White-fronted Amazon parrots are birds with a strong temperament that like to impress their audience, very playful and curious. All about the behavior of the white-fronted Amazon.


The character of the animal

The White-fronted Amazon is a very noisy species, especially in groups, when perched within its colony. But the white-fronted Amazon, although able to pronounce a few words through training, is more of a great whistler than a talker.

This parrot is very active and fun. A little shy at first, he will quickly gain confidence in his master and will be demonstrative towards him. The white-fronted Parrot is however reputation to bite easily, it will be necessary to be firm with it from the beginning so as not to give it bad habits.


White-fronted Amazon Health

All you need to know about white fronted amazon health

The life expectancy of white-fronted Amazon parrots

In its natural state, the life expectancy of the white-fronted Amazon varies between 30 and 40 years. This detail is very important because it can call into question the adoption because it is a long-term commitment that must be sure to be able to assume.


Common health problems in Amazon parrots

The white-fronted parrot is prone to a few health problems, the best known of which are:

  • Rhinitis is favored by too many temperature variations as well as drafts. The latter gives the appearance of inflammation of the wax and then of the nasal mucosa.
  • Chlamydia is a virus that is transmitted between birds both through the digestive tract and through the respiratory route. In addition, contamination of the egg is also possible.
  • Aspergillosis is mycosis that takes advantage of a decrease in immunity or prolonged antibiotic treatment to enter the body, in the form of spores.
  • Candidiasis is a mycosis that attacks the digestive system. When the bird is contaminated observes a deformation of its beak and more rarely neurological concerns.

Cuddling a white-fronted Amazon parrot

SOURCE:Breezy Bird Farms

Maintenance of the White-fronted Amazon

all you need to know about white fronted amazon maintenance

Ideal lifestyle for a white-fronted Amazon

In the wild, it lives in groups nestled in tree holes, but pairs move away during the breeding season, between February and September. During this period, this parrot is particularly aggressive towards its owner when it lives in captivity, going so far as to attack it.

The fertilized female lays two to four eggs, which she will incubate between 26 and 28 days, while her partner will have to feed her in the nest. After three weeks, the young open their eyes and then leave the nest five weeks later without being completely weaned. Several studies conducted on pairs have led to the conclusion that the most aggressive subjects should be excluded from breeding programs. Indeed, it has been proven that their little ones, unfortunately, inherit this trait of character.


Feeding the White-fronted Amazon Parrot

The white-fronted Amazon feeds on fresh fruits and vegetables (especially figs, bananas, peaches, and apples), berries and seeds. In captivity, fresh fruits and vegetables should make up only 30% of his daily diet.

In addition, the recommended diet consists of a mixture of seeds without sunflower to limit fat intake. In addition, we will add a dry bone that will offer him a mineral supplement.

Although it is not a big eater, this parrot needs a strict diet, since it is easy for it to become fat and sometimes even obese.

white-fronted amazon talking ability

SOURCE:Sonny Mushy


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