Yellow-crowned amazon


Yellow-crowned amazon

The Yellow-crowned Amazon is a bird of the Psittacidae family, whose scientific name is Amazona ochrocephala ,   and in English, it is called the Yellow-crowned Parrot. It is popularly known as parrot-of-Suriname, airuapara, ajuruapara, and ajeruapara. When properly cared for, their life expectancy reaches 80 years. See other beautiful parrots.

1 Distribution of the Yellow-crowned amazon
2 Physical characteristics of yellow-crowned amazon
3 Feeding of the Yellow-crowned amazon
4 Yellow-crowned amazon breeding
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Distribution of the Yellow-crowned amazon

The species can be found in Brazil, in the states of Pará, Acre, Amazonas, Rondônia, and northern Mato Grosso. Also found from Mexico to Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. Its habitat is in dry deciduous forests at the edge of the field, humid, semi-humid forest, swamps, and buritizais. Its habitat has been gradually destroyed and its threat of extinction has been of little concern.

Physical characteristics of the Yellow-crowned amazon

It measures 35 centimeters in length, weighing around 405 to 460 grams. There is no sexual dimorphism. The predominant plumage is green, paler and yellowish on the chest. Yellowish head. The plumage of the shoulders is red. Green tail with yellowish edges. Horn-colored beak with orange on the sides of the upper jaw. Orange irises and light gray feet. They are birds of easy domestication, so they are very popular as pets. They are intelligent and perceptive and reproduce sound in repetition, such as human speech, ringing, ringing, etc.

Yellow-crowned amazon feeding

In nature, they feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, flowers, and sprouts. In captivity, in addition to commercial food for parrots, fruits such as papaya, bananas, guava, fresh coconut and oranges, seeds such as millet and sunflower seeds, vegetables such as cabbage, mustard and cabbage can be offered.

Yellow-crowned amazon reproduction

They are monogamous. Its breeding season is from December to May. Sexual maturity is reached at 3 years of age. Nests in termite holes in palm trees and hollows. They lay 2 to 4 eggs that are incubated for 26 days and the chicks remain on average 60 days in the nest until the first flight.

Yellow-crowned amazon singing


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