Southern mealy amazon


Southern mealy amazon

The Southern mealy amazon is a bird in the family P Psittacidae. Its scientific name is Amazona farinosa, is known in English as Mealy Parrot. Popularly known as ajuruiçu, ajuruaçu, juruaçu, curica, Jeru, juru, and juru-açu. See also details

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Funny mealy amazon double act

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Distribution of Southern mealy amazon parrots

It can be found in the regions from Mexico to Bolivia, and in Brazil, it is found in Mato Grosso, East of Pará, Maranhão, Bahia, east of Minas Gerais, and São Paulo. Its habitat is in the high and dense forests both inside and at the edges.

Physical characteristics of the Southern mealy amazon parrot

Large species. It measures around 40 centimeters in length and weighs an average of 800 grams. It is considered the largest Brazilian parrot, being among the largest in the world. The species has no sexual dimorphism. The general plumage is green, covered with a very fine white powder (farinose – the origin of its scientific name), the top of the head is usually yellow, blue and red, beak and around the eyes is white, red alar mirror and a long tail with a light green tip.

His personality is curious and outgoing. Some individuals are kept at home as a pet, they can become very docile and playful. The Southern mealy amazon is not very well known for imitation, although we know that it depends more on the particular issue, its character, and the predisposition of the bird.

Southern mealy amazon parrot feeding

In captivity, the Southern mealy amazon must be fed with a good mix of fruits, fresh vegetables, and fresh drinking water. He prefers more fatty seeds, such as sunflower and peanut seeds, but they should not be offered often as the species is prone to obesity problems. In nature, they feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, berries, flowers, and buds, which they look for in the top of the trees.

Southern mealy amazon parrot reproduction

It is a bird that has difficulty breeding in captivity. Sexual maturity usually reaches 4 years. In the wild, it nests in tree holes and rocky ledges and in captivity in a hollow tree trunk or nest box for large birds, with measures of approximately 40 centimeters in length and 60 centimeters in height. The entry hole should be approximately 10 to 12 centimeters in diameter.

Usually, 3 to 4 eggs are laid. These are not placed on the same day and may have an interval of several days between one egg and another, usually between one to three days of rest. The female has the responsibility to incubate the eggs. The male feeds the female through regurgitation during the egg incubation period, which lasts about 4 weeks.

After the birth of the pups, the male is obliged to feed them. At approximately 3 months, the puppies become independent from their parents, not needing to receive food from them.

How to download or listen to Southern mealy amazon parrot songs

You can download the songbird of the Southern mealy Amazon parrot on our website, to do so just right-click on the name of the song, then click on (Save Link As. and choose the place where it will be saved.) You can also listen, just click on the play button.

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