African grey parrot talking training


African grey parrot talking training
African grey parrot talking training: Here are the keys to their success. Parrots are one of the few animals to use human language. They happen to be able to repeat our words very clearly. However, parrots don’t just repeat words heard or learned by their owners. Each ‘sentence’ or group of expressions, therefore, correspond to action (tell him ‘lunch’ and offer a sweetness), an emotion (tell him ‘I adore you and give him a hug), a context (‘Hello’ when you arrive in the morning). You cannot have a building conversation with a parrot because the sounds they make just happen to have context.

How to teach African Grey Parrot to speak

Here are some tips to learn how to talk to your parrot (these are only tips, there is no precise method):

  • Associate moments of the day with words: Every time you get home, say “Hello,” and when you leave in the morning, “Goodbye.” You can vary in the words you use: “Goodbye little parrot”, “Hello you”, “I’m going to work”… Use what you prefer, the important thing is to always repeat the word in the same situation so that it associates this moment with this word.
  • Do sessions with him: Spend several minutes a day talking with the parrot. You can do this in sessions of 10-15 minutes so that neither you nor he get bored. These sessions consist mainly of repeating words: start with words that are easy to pronounce. At first, he will not answer but take patience. He will try as he goes, and you can even teach him phrases and songs.
  • Teach him the name of the fruits: When you give him a piece of fruit, say “Banana,” “Pear,” or whatever. When he begins to say some of these words, reward him with that same fruit. Little by little, he will associate the word with the fruit. You can add Give me the pear, Good boy or girl, I want the banana…
  • Avoid words you don’t want him to repeat: this may seem unlikely, but very often, parrots enter words that you don’t teach them. It’s possible that all of a sudden he’s said to swear words he’s heard throughout the day. We tend to say certain sentences or words with a different tone, with more enthusiasm, and if he starts talking and he tells you “Asshole”, your natural reaction will be to laugh and try to make him repeat.
  • Talk to him a lot: When you’re at home, talk to them whenever you have the opportunity. Sing songs or tell him things. Little by little, he will answer you with words he already knows. Take advantage of the moments when he speaks to teach him short sentences.
  • Try different tones by repeating the words.

african grey parrot talking training

Consistency and patience

There is no estimated precise time to learn how to talk to a parrot. Some may learn a few simple words in a few months while others will need more time. Patience and consistency are essential for your parrot to become an adorable talker.

Try not to get frustrated and don’t give up on the process. Sessions with him should be frequent, but your parrot will be your friend for many years, so be patient. The important thing is to establish a good relationship with him and teach him little by little, without pressure.

Do revisions with him from time to time and remind him of words he already knows. This step is important so that he continues to use them and does not forget them.

Never yell at him or be violent with him, this is very counterproductive.

Teach Your Parrot How to Talk


Concrete learning methodology

Each ‘sentence’ or group of expressions, therefore, correspond to action (tell him ‘lunch’ and offer a sweetness), an emotion (tell him ‘I adore you’ and give him a hug), a context (‘Hello’ when you arrive in the morning). While most parrots can learn to chat, some are found to be more gifted than others. In order for your bird to land, you have to offer to exemplify it. Talk to him a lot, articulating well. Put luio fm tapes. He is certainly not ready to argue. No need to get excited and skip the phases! Make sure your parrot has understood a word before moving on to another.

How to make your African grey parrot talk

Patience and pedagogy as an ally of choice

It should be known that a parrot makes known throughout its life, which lasts about 70 years, if it remains all alone during the day, tries to leave it or FM tapes or TV. In other words, it will repeat all your exchanges without you realizing it. It is a bird that is far from being stupid, it will know how to use the right exchanges when necessary, to ask for food.

How to Teach Your Parrot to Talk


When he succeeds in pronouncing correctly, he is encouraged by systematically offering him a reward, a sweetness that he is not used to tasting for example. However, avoid peanuts, full of lipids, which, consumed in large quantities, are found to be bad for its vitality. Conversely, ignore mistakes instead of scolding him.

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