Talking parrots


Talking parrots

talking parrot

Is it true that some birds are able to speak? When this question is asked, the answer is clear: there are of course talking parrots, although it is obvious that they lack vocal cords.

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Is it true that some birds are able to speak?

When this question is asked, the answer is clear: there are of course talking parrots, although it is obvious that they lack vocal cords.

Most birds that belong to the family of Parrots, in some very specific contexts and with adequate training, are able to imitate the voice and/or human sounds. Unsurprisingly, the parrot is considered, along with corvids, the most intelligent bird. However, there are species in which this ability to imitate is much more marked. This is the case, especially the Gray of Gabon.

African Grey Parrot

The highly intelligent African grey is often regarded as the best talking parrot,

African Grey Talking parrot

Congo parrot or African Grey Parrot, As mentioned above, of all the species of parrots that speak, the African grey, who stands out among the others to be the bird with the greatest faculty to best imitate the human voice. It is the best-selling parrot.

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There are two types of African grey: the gray-tailed parrot (Psittacus erithacus) and its cousin the Timneh’s gray (Psittacus erithacus Timneh). The Grey Parrot is from Africa.

Their plumage is gray, but their tail is red. They weigh about 500-600 grams and can live many, many years (70-90).

Regarding their ability to speak, several scientific studies have shown that they are not only able to imitate human speech, but also in many cases, establish correct associations between words and their meanings, even to form simple sentences.

Some African Grey can repeat more than a thousand different words. It may be for these reasons that he is considered the most intelligent bird in the world.

Another aspect that makes it a highly valued bird is its ability to establish social relationships. However, it is a species that tends to introversion and becomes anxious about sudden changes. Nevertheless, if this bird receives good training and a good education, you will become inseparable.

All parrots who speak, are animals of excellent company. However, there is no doubt that Gabon’s Greens are the most appropriate species if you want to have a talking parrot.

But to better understand this phenomenon, it is necessary to clarify certain concepts. For example, what is meant by some parrots can speak or are able to make intelligible sounds.

The dictionary defines the action of speaking as the emission of words. Between people, it is defined as communication by words; when talking about talking birds, it’s about copying the sounds of human voices. The difference is therefore in the intention to communicate with others.

We must, therefore, analyze whether the birds that speak, do so in order to communicate or simply to imitate the sounds. This is a subject so far, still very controversial.

Amazon Parrots

Talking parrots

talking parrot

We can find the Amazon in South America. It is a very extroverted but also capricious animal. However, given his great ability to vocalize words and even sentences and his great sociability, he is highly valued as a pet.

Some homeowners are impressed by the ease with which their Amazons learn and memorize whole sentences they have heard on television.

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Blue-Fronted Amazon


Yellow-Crowned Amazon


Double yellow headed amazon

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Yellow-Naped Amazon

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Talking parrots

talking parrot

We can find these parrots in different parts of Oceania. They are easy to recognize with their ruffled feather bumps. The best known are the whites, but there are also black or pink species.

Regarding the sound emission, the cockatoo’s corella is the most skillful in the art of imitating human sounds, especially when it comes to a young male. In this case, he begins to quickly repeat simple words. Like the common parakeet, it is a very sociable bird.

Cockatoo Talking



Talking parrots

talking parrot

Like the cockatoos, the Eclectus parrot is native to Oceania. It is an exotic bird with brightly colored plumage. Males and females have different plumage distributions and beak color is also different (black for females and coral for males).

It is a bird capable of learning to say a few words. Indeed, they are sometimes compared to the Gray of Gabon when they repeat the words and even whole sentences. They speak very well and are able to establish associations between words and their meaning.

Eclectus parrot singing and talking


Macaw parrots

araparrots that talk

In South America, macaws are characterized by their size (they can measure up to 90 centimeters and weigh 1 kg) and their flamboyant red, yellow and blue plumage.

The parrot is a very sociable animal that lives in small communities. His ability to socialize, memorize and repeat many of the words he hears regularly, made him a very popular pet. Without a doubt, the blue and gold macaw is the most talkative. You just have to take care of it and be patient.

Hyacinth Macaw Talking

Top Most Popular Talking bird


The parakeet’s Budgerigar

Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

talking parrot

The Budgerigar or Budgerigar is native to Australia. Commonly known as the Australian parakeet, it is part of the order Psittaciformes and is the most popular pet in the world, always after dogs and cats.

Even though these little lories do not have the same abilities as talking parrots, they are wonderful but it takes a lot of patience to be able to teach them to repeat a word and they are also great imitators of the sounds of other animals. In addition, they are very intelligent animals, sociable and talkative.

Popular Talking bird


Monk Parakeet

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Indian Ringneck

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