African Grey Talking


african grey talking

African Grey Talking: This is the most popular speaking bird! The African grey is distinguished from other parrots by having the best ability to mimic the human voice, he is able to record thousands of words and place them in a very specific context, which makes him really capable of interacting with his owner.

Hi guys I get a lot of messages and comments from teletype about what’s the best way to teach my parrot African grey how to talk also my bird is like a certain amount of years old, and he still has a lot of talks is there anything that I can do to try to get my pair to talk,

so I’ve decided that I’m going to create this article it’s kind of answer all those questions for you first if talking ability is really important for you if you want to pair it that up absolutely knows how to talk and that’s super important you my recommendation there’s a species of parrot that is guaranteed to talk the bird is right here and check this out like magic it’s right here alright um those guys just Pete the parrot the repeating parrot and the cool thing about Pete is Pete you don’t really even need a foot foot peeps only on I think it’s a double-a battery so talking ability is that important for you,

I recommend getting Pete but um I will say this all kidding aside guys um if you are really getting a parrot just for the purpose of getting bread that hops you really should be getting one, yeah I know it’s ironic that I have an African Grey and some Saints and you know these kinds of things, but the honest truth is I didn’t get COUCOU for her talking ability and I don’t think that it is fair for anybody to get a bird just um for the sake of getting over to talks, but I won’t tell you guys this although COUCOU pops a lot, and she knows how to say a lot
things on cue that are not the reason that makes COUCOU so special to me and for me personally the ability for a human in an animal to connect and make it firm you know such a strong bond that’s really what I think is remarkable, and I think you guys get the idea that if you’re going to get protests just for the sake of talking don’t get one but with all of that aside here’s what I will tell you regarding talking ability

African grey talk

African Grey Parrot Talking

African Grey Talking

What is it COUCOU not all parents have the same ability to mimic in the parrot family African greys are primary my number one birds that most likely I’m going to learn how to talk aside from African grace though the Amazon parrots namely the double yellow hair Amazon than yellow named in the blue friend of Amazon’s and also the yellow crown those are the ones that are most likely to talk as well so if you guys are getting,

for example, a cockatiel they’re not going to be as likely able to talk past say an African Grey, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be as good pets as African Grey is and this is the next thing that I want to talk about in my article and that is, and I promise guys I’m going to get to the whole topic about how you can increase the chances of your bird already cut a talk,

but before I even get there I think it’s really important for me to mention this now because I’ve always on wanted to do a full-length article on it and there’s so much that I want to say about it, but I’ll try to keep it all short

African Grey Parrot plays the songAfrican Grey Talking

Another question that I’ve heard so much about almost every single one of my articles I almost kept some new comments on what’s the best starter bird, or I’m new to keeping Birds what’s kind of like the first bird that I should get and here’s what;

I will tell you there is no such thing as a starter bird I know that a lot of bird books will recommend that people get bungees or a copycat come one step up good because they feel like those kids’ birds are better star burns,

but I think it is really misleading to get hurt thinking that it’s going to be starboard because that gets people to think that these words were disposable which they’re not and if you’re going to get a bird,

for example as a cockatiel or a budgie a parakeet is kind of your starter bird the problem with that is that if you do end up getting the large bird, and you’re not and noise isn’t like something that you are prepared for the cockatiel on by itself they’re relative,

and I say relative because it’s relative to all the other parrot’s cocktails are fairly I would say quiet birds, but they do screech and even though one cocktail or even charm might not screech that much if an African Grey or an Amazon or even a McCall manages, and they will coffee that screech they won’t amplify that sound ten times maybe even times matter,

so now you have a problem and if everybody were to have that mindset of getting a starter bird don’t worry guys she’s going to poop but I have a box pillow,

so it’s going to catch food but if everybody gets into the mindset that they should always start off with a budgie or a cockatiel then that means that every single person who has a period would have one which I think is not really also a very fair thing to do for the bird and this is my personal opinion that if you’re going to get a parrot any species at all you have to first do your own research and by research,

I mean reading my article could be a start but you guys need to do a lot of research on parent behavior and talk to people who have parrots maybe even volunteer at a bird rescue center because just interacting with a bird or maybe one time at Birds store does not give you the whole picture of what it’s like to live

with these animals, I’ll give you an idea cockatoos macaws and the china Conyers which our son Conyers checkmate Conyers and blue crown Conyers they are extremely loud yeah and some people don’t realize how loud they really are,

and you guys might think that you’re able to keep up with the noise, but the honest truth is most people tax and most people don’t realize that unfortunately to happen to get the bird and just a little message on the side here especially to make younger viewers when I was younger,

and I think this was that when I was early in high school I always wanted a sub conure whenever I went to the bird store they were bright colorful birds they were super affectionate and playful, but I always wanted one,

so I told myself I can’t wait until I save up enough money, so I can get myself a Sun Conure now that I’m older, and I can just go out and get a Sun Conure I don’t, and I don’t in a really glad that I wasn’t able to when I was there because I know for a fact that it would drive me crazy the noise would drive me crazy

because although the Sun Conyers a really small their screech is really high pitch and extremely loud now if you guys think well I am really dedicated and again this is a lot of this is where this message itself is for making great viewers you guys might think that you’re ready for a bird

but if you’re still in school your interests are going to change as you go on to college as you guys get older your interests going to change um and your priorities might also change at that timing would it be fair to say oops you know like sorry Polly I gotta leave, and you have no idea what to do with your pretty at that point, so I would always show it off guys it’s never a bad idea if you’re thinking about getting a bird,

but you’re still in school just hold off until you’re kinda more stable, and you can financially support yourself in that way you can at least also support your bird um where was I okay now you know that this is an article about my first talking ability, and I’m getting really off tangent,

but I think it is necessary I definitely don’t recommend people get macaws cockatoos African greys or any of the large pirates the with this misconception that you’re getting a larger parrot it makes a better pet honest truth this is not quite and a lot of the smaller crypts if you really have to get a parrot a lot of the smaller ones can make just as good of pets as the large ones.

Can African grey parrots talk

the parrot African Gray

African Grey Talking

parentless spread charcoal cockatiels not only do they not only can they get really affectionate, and they love interaction as much as a large period,

but the cool thing about This is that because they are so small you guys don’t you can easily get a cage where they can easily fly in COUCOU aviary is huge um if you guys watch so many other articles it’s not everybody can accommodate in a debrief that’s that big but if you guys have a smaller bird like  a cockatiel you can’t provide them with proportionately a really good-sized enclosure for them to be able to fly in,

so that’s just some things I want you to think about I would also recommend that instead of buying from a bird store which um I totally advise against if you guys can I’m looking to adopt from a bird shelter because there’s a lot of birds that do need homes a lot of macaws, especially in cockatoos,

because a lot of people get them without really understanding what the responsibilities are to take care of such a large bird know if you guys did stay with me through all of that talk um let’s now jump into the topic of this article which is talking,

so the first thing is this if you’re expecting to get hurt that’s going to talk we’re going to select a species that’s going to better know for talking of course remember what I said the poppy village should not be even number one make or break it criteria but if that is one of your criteria for a bird then um the best talking ones

I would say are African greys the Amazons budgies the parakeets can also learn to talk really well and a few other cats’ incest if you guys already bought like a tape recorder that repeats words or phrases over and over what you want to do is want to take that,

and you want to throw it in the trash because that’s useless your burden might be able to learn maybe one or two words off of that but eventually, your bird is gonna kind of get really in the way of that I mean if you played it to yourself you would get totally in one product as well,

so your bird is eventually going to zone out and kind of see that as background noise the best way that I found to teach Byrne how to talk is to make it meaningful for your bird, so it’s best that you’re saying hello hello hello every time I open the door so come greet COUCOU I would always say hello,

and eventually, she’ll learn instead oh I get it when the with my human walk said I’m always greeted with hello, so she learns that there and that word is associated with action so when things were more meaningful for birds in a lot more,

and I’m sure if I’m gonna show you guys something really close I would exit this door right now and all of this guy’s is kind of like filmed candidly,

so I’m not gonna edit getting the stuff out, so I’m gonna open this door in a second we leave the room watch what COUCOU  gonna say watch what I tell her and watch what she says a response I don’t know you guys got that,

but she said it she said I’ll be back and that’s not something that I trained her how to do it’s just whenever I leave the room I used to tell her I’ll be back,

so now she’s learned that whenever I leave the room she says that word and the cool thing is when you teach your birds how to talk meaningfully they can communicate with you um in ways that would not be possible if they were just to mimic what you say so you Bert could learn how to associate certain actions with words COUCOU let me see you should do this well kiss your butt I see your foot let me see your foot good so um for me,

I would really recommend it if you guys are trying to trade bird how to talk to them meaningfully like you would a child yeah that way but only not only do they learn faster,

but they also learn how to associate to on top more in context another tip I would give you is parrots are most receptive to training the most receptive to training both on trick training and also by they’re also most verbally engaged with you when the Sun first comes up and also where the Sun begins to set so anytime before noon and also anytime right before sunset that’s what they learned the most,

African Grey Parrot Talking

African Grey Talking

so I would try to talk to the most during those times yams I also have another tip for you COUCOU even though she sells a lot of things there are very few things that she would say in my voice and that’s kind of surprising she would say a lot of things in my wife’s voice she would say things in my parent’s voice,

so I think that has what it boils down to is that she sees my wife she sees my parents ass her rival for my attention so if you’re having a hard time trading you burn how to talk try to get somebody else in your family to talk to your bird because they see your family members as a rival for your attention they’ll be more likely to copy that to try to get your attention because they know that when somebody else talks to you,

and they say a certain word that kind of gets your attention so go try to also on maybe at rates most guys I know that’s a lot of information hopefully it’s not too overwhelming, okay,

so before I forget later on in this article I do want to mention this as well the point on my articles isn’t to inspire people to go out and get a bird for themselves,

but instead, it’s to inform people about what is kind of involved in keeping a bird like this in keeping such an intelligent animal and also ensuring that they are thriving in our homes and I also a bigger point of so that people who do have parents have a resource and have this information that they can refer to kind of modify their Birds behavior

and also to develop a deeper relationship with a bird that doesn’t involve using punishment or using aversive with their bird slopes good give me kiss good bird is there anything else okay COUCOU I’ve never powdered this guy’s but check this out can you say something

COUCOU  say something all right I literally I seriously never taught her that but whenever I told her can you say something she really just um she says candid stuff sometimes show me AL other types show does sound,

but I never taught me that which I thought is pretty cool let’s see what should be next COUCOU  okay can you say something yes okay you are alright

I also know that there are some myths out there about how to get referred to talk more and one that I know is really common or once I guess

I hear a lot is that you feed your bird on pepper that they will pop more and somebody once told me the reasoning behind it I think that’s complete nonsense from a scientific perspective the reason why peppers that

I see is because of a chemical called capsaicin and parrots do not have a receptor for capsaicin, so they cannot taste spice they do however really like peppers Charmy Josefina bird pepper your birds going to like it,

they’re actually pretty good for your birds they’re high in vitamin A but they’re not going to help you bear to talk to me better than Roberto he is so what are you doing COUCOU here’s something else that she do we get closer to the camera so you guys can see Toder this way hey all right

African grey parrot talking funny

SOURCE: Einstein Parrot

Can African grey parrots understand what they say

African Grey Parrot Talking

African Grey Talking

can you knock look all right come on wow this is the level of trust guys that have been able to establish with her let’s decide to put her anyway and she won’t,

she would have been put any kind of pressure on my finger a good sign that Hebert is listening, and then they’re practicing kind of talk

it’s actually pretty cute is that usually early in the morning and also made around at night don’t start by themselves or not by themselves to start babbling and just mumbling a bunch of gibberish so if you guys are noticing something like that in your Birds chanc