Catalina macaw

catalina macaw


The Catalina is hybrid, that is, the result of the intersection between the plow-canindé (Ara ararauna) and Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao). Usually, its scientific name is represented as Ara sp., or simply as Ara ararauna x Ara Macao. It belongs to the Psittacidae family and in English, it is called Blue-and-yellow x Scarlet Macaw.

Catalina macaw

At first, these macaws can only be produced in captivity by crossing the species mentioned above. In nature, in theory, macaws will look for animals of the same species to reproduce. That is why they are usually born in poultry farmers around the world or in zoos.

  1. Physical characteristics of the macaw
  2. Feeding of the macaw
  3. Activities of the Macaw
  4. Behavior of the Macaw
  5. What to do before buying a macaw?
  6. How to download or listen to macaw-singing

Physical characteristics of the macaw

catalina parrot

Generally, the macaw-Catalina will weigh between 1 and 1 kilo and a half and can reach up to 80 centimeters in length from the beak to the tip of the tail feathers. She can live for up to 50 years. It is worth remembering that, despite being hybrids, they are fertile, that is, they can reproduce and have young.

Catalina macaws can vary widely in their colors and patterns. Most are mostly red or orange on the chest and belly, with green and blue on their backs. Many of them have golden feathers on the edges of their wings and on their tails. Remember that hybrid macaws are created mainly because of their color characteristics since they have a wide variety of colors and combinations available.


SOURCE:Carolin von Petzholdt

Catalina macaw feeding

Like any large macaw, a Catalina macaw must be fed a diet that includes a mix of high-quality seeds and commercial feed, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Activities of the Macaw
These macaws need a lot of exercise in order to stay in perfect condition, both physically and mentally. Those interested in owning one should reserve a minimum of 2 to 4 hours a day to let the birds play outside the cage. This is essential to avoid boredom, allowing the bird to properly extend its wings and other muscles.

The Catalina macaw combines the traits of some of the most popular macaws in a spectacular beauty package. It is often the bright colors that attract the people who buy them, but its comic personality is what really wins people over.

Catalina macaw

The behavior of the Catalan Macaw

Hybrid macaw owners say they have the “best of both worlds.” The Scarlet Macaw is known to be curious, feisty, and extremely active, while the blue and yellow macaw has a reputation for being more relaxed. The owners of the Macaw describe their birds as being a perfect mix between the two.

They are very intelligent so these macaws respond well to training and can learn to perform various tricks, however it is interesting that you start training as soon as possible, especially with the baby macaw. Being social birds, they must spend a long time to form a strong bond with their owners. That way they become happy and well-adjusted pets.

If you are thinking of buying a macaw, make sure you have enough free time to spend with your new bird. These birds thrive if they interact with their owners and will become depressed and destructive if they are neglected or ignored.

What to do before buying a macaw?

Future owners should also think seriously about what it is to own a Macaw. Are you willing to be woken up early each morning by a screaming macaw? Can you meet the many needs of a curious and so intelligent pet?

If you doubt yourself, do yourself a favor, try to do a lot of research before rushing out to buy a macaw or any other macaw. Consider the costs of owning a pet macaw, such as vet bills, high-quality feed, toys, and cages. If you can’t provide your bird with the best of everything, think about the purchase and wait a little longer.

How to Download or Listen to Catalan Macaw Chants

You can download the corner of the arara-Catalina on our website, for that just click with the right button on the name of the corner, then click on “Save Link As…” and choose the place where it will be saved. You can also listen, just click on the play button.

Corner of the Macaw-Catalina


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