How long does macaw live


How long does macaw live

macaw lifespan

How long does macaw live: The life expectancy of the parrot varies depending on the species. In the same species, it can also vary from one individual to another. Here is a list of life expectancies by species:

Macaw lifespan

Whether hyacinth, blue and yellow, or even Spix, the Macaw is a parrot that we never tire of admiring. The intelligence and prolixity that characterize Macaws are also among the peculiarities that make them exceptional animals.

What is the history of the Macaws? What is their diet made up of? What is their life expectancy and what diseases can affect them?


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Oldest Macaw

The Aras are beautiful birds and this is unfortunately what has earned many of them to be captured or poached in the past. The Spix‘s Macaw, for example, has disappeared from its wildlife, except for a male individual who would have been seen in 2016. The different species of Macaw have in common their plumages with shimmering colors and their “talkative” side in particular. . They have other characteristics that we invite you to discover here, both on the physical and behavioral level as well as on that of health.


macaw lifespan

macaw life span



Macaws are parrots recognizable by their beautiful colorful plumage and long tails. They also have a particularly powerful spout. These birds are the largest of the Psittacinae subfamily.

The name Ara groups together 6 genera: Anodorhynchus which includes the Hyacinth Macaw, Cyanopsitta which includes Spix’s Macaw, Macaw which includes the blue and yellow Macaw, Orthopsittaca, Propyrrhura, and Diopsittaca.

Among the most famous Macaw species, we can also mention Lear’s Macaw, the Military Macaw, or the noble Macaw.

The beauty of their plumage, their intelligence, and their ability to speak have made Macaws much sought after; it is also what precipitated their rarefaction in their wild environment, which is located in tropical America.


How long does macaw live

where do macaws live


The first species of Ara began to be reported once half of the 18 century, but many of them had already been discovered during scientific expeditions.

Today, most of these birds are threatened with extinction. Spix’s Macaw is one of the most severely affected species. It is the subject of a reintroduction program in nature reserves in Brazil, from 52 parrots transported from Germany in March 2020.

Lifespan of a Macaw Parrot


Feeding a Macaw

Macaws feed mainly on seedsnutsfruits, and vegetables. The Spix’s Macaw prefers the nuts of Paranà Pine and Cnidoscolus quercifolius. For its part, the Hyacinth Macaw also eats, from time to time, ampullaria (freshwater mollusks).

Macaw bird lifespan

The average life expectancy of a Macaw is between 30 and 60 years.

Macaw parrot lifespan


macaw life span

blue macaw lifespan


Diseases of Macaws

Macaw parrots are prone to various diseasesFollicular cystsconjunctivitis, and chlamydia are among the major health concerns of these birds.

In Spix’s Macaw, the fact that almost all the representatives of the species live in captivity poses the problem of inbreeding, which gives rise to disorders such as late sexual maturity.

For the rest, Macaws can lead a long and quality life if they are provided with an appropriate environment, care, and nutrition.

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