How long do african grey live


African Grey Parrot lifespan

African grey lifespan: African Grey, or African Parrot, is characterized by impressive longevity, up to 60 years! Native to African rainforests, it is known for its pretty grayscale plumage and formidable ability to speak.

African Grey Parrot lifespan

How long does the African grey live: The average life expectancy of the African Grey Parrot is 60 years under good conditions; however, there are examples of even older birds in the literature.

Compared to its colorful South American cousin, the extravagant Macaw, the African grey parrot looks quite modest. Slightly smaller, short-tailed, and almost monochrome, the curved beak is less apparent, but behind this simple façade lies one of the smartest animals on the planet.

If you buy a grey parrot, you will only have a pet, but a new family member is a very intelligent African grey a smart parrot, and self-confident.

How long do African greys live