Funny African Grey


Funny African Grey

Funny African Grey Parrot Orders Amazon Alexa to Stop Playing Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York A very intelligent African Grey Parrot  orders Amazon Alexa to stop the music “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra

Funny African grey parrot talking

A Gabonese gray parrot named Magoo is not a fan of Frank Sinatra. this parrot expressed his feelings very honestly and clearly with his head tilted and a barked order for Alexa on the Amazon Echo to stop playing “New York, New York” every time his owner ask Alexa to restart the music and played the song.

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African grey parrot behavior

Experts consider it one of the smartest birds. They are gentle in nature and their abilities to imitate speech have made them popular pets. It is a bird prone to stinging.

As a pet, the Congo Gray will learn to speak at around 2 or 3 years of age while the Timneh will generally start speaking earlier.

Their sociability and intelligence make the African gray an exceptional pet but one that requires specific and demanding care that requires commitment from the owner and supervised interaction out of their cage.

They also need large cages, a varied diet that includes fresh food, and plenty of safe, destructible toys. The African gray is calm and shy and has great sensitivity.

He feels our deepest emotions, our moods, and our moods, and these are reflected in his behavior. Grays only respond well to positive reinforcement.

It is a bird that only feels good if it is in control and has a good understanding of its environment. We must always inform the gray of our intentions before handling or caressing it, this will make it more receptive.

These birds do not really like change and strangers, they prefer their routine. The gray is the most gregarious of the parrots and he needs to feel accepted and to be a full member of his social group (human family).

He weaves a very strong bond with his romantic partner (other bird or human) and is totally devoted to him. He can also become possessive with the latter and aggressive with those around him. He is considered to be the smartest parrot and the best talker.

He speaks in a very understandable way while understanding what he is saying. Yet it must be considered that only 10% of grays speak. The others will speak little or never speak.

They are more prone to neurosis than other parrots and they tend to suffer from chronic pecking if they are not sufficiently supervised and stimulated.

It is therefore of great importance to provide them with plenty of time and toys and not to change their routine. The gray is not a screaming bird.

On the other hand, it can drive the most zen of humans crazy by imitating noises such as microwaves, telephones, alarm clocks, running water, wild birds, video games, and any other electronic noise that is often heard by the parrot because they are sponges and perfectly imitate certain noises.

You will also often hear them hissing, screaming, squealing, clicking, etc. Therefore, they have also been observed to swear even after changing owners. It produces a fine powder to maintain its plumage.

A well-powdered bird is a sign of good health. The absence of this powder may indicate a physiological problem. The vocal qualities of the species are well known.

Unlike other kinds of parrots and related species that can only reproduce learned words in a single tone, the African gray parrot can imitate sounds while respecting the intonation of the source.

It is then very difficult to be able to distinguish between the words emitted by man and those reproduced by animals. The gray also has a sense of repartee, one could say, he manages to place the words he has learned in a relevant way in the conversations he hears, which can suggest that he is able to grasp the meaning of sentences and answer them.

It is a robust bird, with a rather powerful voice. He likes to gnaw wood and bathes with pleasure. It is a species that can be fearful at first, very suspicious. He abhors changes in their routine. In principle, therefore, nothing should be changed in their environment.

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