Parrots name on aladdin


Parrots name on aladdin

The Parrots name on Aladdin is Iago In Walt Disney’s cartoon, the scarlet macaw parrot is called Laga its a macaw parrot this bird is one of the largest parrots in the family Psittacidae Scientific Name: Psittaciformes (which is funny, because he speaks all the time, but his name (Iago) means “I am silent” in Latin)., the monkey is called Abu (abou).

Few Disney villains don’t own their confidant pet. The Queen and Maleficent entrust their dark designs to their raven. Madame Médusa and Sykes can count on her two huge alligators, Brutus and Nero, and on her Dobermans Roscoe and Desoto for the second. MacLeach raises his iguana Joanna and Shan Yu a hawk. In Aladdin, the big bad Jafar is also associated with a bird, the parrot Iago.

Parrots name on Aladdin

parrots name in aladin

Iago is a red macaw. Able to speak, his name is inspired by one of the characters in William Shakespeare’s play Othello or the Moor of Venice. In the work of the English playwright, Iago is an officer under the orders of Othello, a Venetian general who is unaware that his subordinate is plotting against him. Because the careerist Iago has a tooth against his boss, whom he thinks is the lover of his wife and who preferred Cassio for a promotion. Handsome talker, the officer manages to convince Othello that his wife is cheating on him with Cassio, causing his murderous madness. Shakespeare’s Iago is therefore a vile character, a manipulator who speaks a lot (he has the most lines in the play) and who is capable of all the tricks and traitors to achieve his ends… So many “qualities” that the Aladdin parrot also possesses.

Parrots name on Aladdin is Scarlet Macaw

Scarlet macaw

Because Iago is a beautiful talker. And in the duet he forms with Jafar, it is he who speaks the most, sometimes betraying the thoughts of his master, quite stingy in words, and sharing at every moment his moods … And this, for the greatest misfortune of the vizier who sometimes has to nail his beak to be able to place one. Iago talks, comments, speaks, brailles, and screams non-stop. Sometimes on the verge of vulgarity, he does not stop talking. In any case, in the presence of Jafar.

Because in public, he hides his true identity, pretending to be a stupid parrot in the eyes of all, just able to repeat a few words heard here and there. It is this little game that he plays especially in the presence of Gazeem and the Sultan who do not know how much the bird hates them all as much as they are. He only betrays his true identity when the Sultan and Jasmine are forced to bow down to Jafar who has just taken power.

Parrots name on Aladdin

parrots name in aladin

Iago is a partner of choice for the dark Jafar. Far from being a mere showman, the bird is a precious aide-de-camp, not to say strategic for the vizier he serves with passion. And this servant is far from stupid. His intelligence is even formidable. From the beginning of the film, it is the parrot that puts the paw on the half of the beetle that Gazeem refuses to give. It is also Iago who recovers the lamp after having managed to keep Aladdin away thanks to a perfect imitation of Jasmine. It is also he who insinuates in Jafar’s mind the idea of becoming sultan by marrying Jasmine, even though the infamous vizier had not imagined this hypothesis to achieve his ends. Finally, Iago is vigilant enough to surprise Aladdin, back at the palace, where Jafar is blinded by the advances stimulated by the princess.

Parrots name in Aladin

parrots name in aladin

Iago is therefore a key figure in the plot that Jafar foments. And the bird shows great intelligence and a lot of clairvoyance. But he is not just an ally! He is a leading player that the vizier knows how to use whenever the need arises. When it comes to operating the cogs of an evil machine in order to create lightning, it is up to the bird to run again and again for the mechanism to work. And when it is necessary to recover the lamp, inaccessible for Jafar, it is still up to the parrot to enter the scene.

Iago is also Jafar’s only confidant. Because, if the vizier can count on Razoul and the other guards of the palace, only the parrot is put in confidence. A bit like the raven with The Queen or Diablo with Maleficent, Jafar often tells him about his projects, the dialogues between the two villains allowing the passage to inform the spectators. And when the sultan’s advisor finally comes to power, he knows how to reward his ally. But this friendship is as much inspired by trust as by fear. Because when Iago refuses to obey, when he dares to question orders, Jafar knows how to be respected. And it is not uncommon for him to take his parrot by the throat in order to put it back in its place.

Parrots name on Aladdin

parrots name in aladin

Iago is an obedient confidant, his respect being as much the fruit of his friendship with Jafar as of the fear he has of him. Thus, when the vizier transformed into a genius and is trapped, at the end of the film, Iago no longer feels obliged to obey him. Trying to flee, however, he finds himself locked up with his master in the lamp. But its character changes. He no longer hesitates to rebuff him, accusing him without the embarrassment of being at the origin of their situation. Iago then no longer refrains from telling his four truths to Jafar whom he had feared until then.

Giant Parrot Chasing Scene – Aladdin 2019 Movie


If Jafar is a gloomy terror, Iago is his comic counterpart. For the vizier is far from being a joyful luron. Sinister, the joy of living is not its main quality and it is rare for the villain to have fun. He is in this the perfect opposite of the volatile, never stingy with a good word or a good joke. Loving to waddle to the sound of good music, the parrot is a real burlesque character. A great lover of imitations, he likes to make others speak and imitate them, both vocally and physically. Mocking the sultan and Jasmine, he also takes his master’s voice to congratulate himself after he manages to get his hands on the lamp.

Iago fears Jafar. That is a fact. But isn’t his lifelong enemy, finally and in spite of himself, the sultan? Because the old man convinced that the parrot is only a stupid Piaf, has a passion, to feed him. And at every encounter, the monarch likes to put a cake in the mouth of the bird who hates it above all else. And when Jafar compliments the sultan who, according to him, has the art of “coaxing the stupidest animals“, Iago shows how much this touch of sarcasm on the part of his master displeases him, especially since he can not answer under penalty of betraying his blanket of simple bird. Iago hates cakes and he hates the sultan. And when the power is finally in his hands, he takes revenge by baking his cakes in his mouth. And his hatred for the sultan is further fueled when the monarch, mounted on the magic carpet, has fun chasing him, the bird finishing its course by crashing into one of the pillars of the throne room! Isn’t Iago, in the end, Jafar’s ally for the simple reason that Jafar will help him get rid of the sultan and his infamous cakes?!

Unlike the other characters in the film, Iago is a real cartoon character a la Tex Avery. Crushed, stretched, stuck, strangled, thrown against the blackberry, plucked, the bird is particularly mistreated. In this, he is one of the funniest elements of the film, sometimes even stealing the spotlight from the other protagonists. While Abu is quite insignificant next to Aladdin, Iago seems indispensable to Jafar. Better, he is considered an essential element, indispensable within the duo he forms with the villain. Iago is one of the comic keys of the film along with the Genie of course.

Gilbert Gottfried Looks Back On Bringing The Parrot Iago To Life In ‘Aladdin’ | PeopleTV

Sometimes named Sinbad in some graphic research, the parrot is the work of animator Will Finn. Co-director of La Ferme Se Rebelle, Finn has, to his credit, the animation of characters like Big Ben and The Aviary. For the appearance of Iago, he was greatly inspired by Gilbert Gottfried, who lends his voice to the villains. This is how the bird and the actor share the same look and especially the same teeth! Iago is therefore a bird with teeth! Gottfried’s arrival also changes the character of the Piaf, previously thought of as a phlegmatic bird with an English accent.

In the original version, Iago is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, the directors having thought for a time of Danny DeVito, or even Jonathan Freeman, the voice of Jafar who would then have interpreted the two villains. A second-time Hollywood actor, Gottfried is a member of Saturday Night Life. Lending his voice to several cartoons, he also starred in films such as The Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Hello Mom, It’s Still Me. In the French version, the parrot is played by Eric Metayer. Theatre actor, comedian, and director, Metayer has voiced dozens of characters such as Watto in the second Star Wars trilogy, Pain and Panic in Hercules, Fifre in Beauty and the Beast 2: The Enchanted Christmas, Gurki in the second dubbing of Taram and the Magic Cauldron, Bob Razowski in Monsters & Co., Pikly in Lilo & Stitch or Vector in Me, Ugly and Wicked.

Aladdin – The Voice of Iago Revealed! (2019)


Iago’s career is very rich and his appearances after Aladdin are numerous. He first appeared in the two sequels to the 1992 classic. His role is especially thick in The Return of Jafar. In this sequel, the viewer first learns that the bird has been bought at the bazaar by Jafar who, freed from the lamp, wishes to satisfy his revenge. But caught up by his feelings, the parrot participates alongside the heroes in the annihilation of the villain who has always martyred him until then. In Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Iago reveals a venal character already present in the television series. Guardian of the wedding gifts, he tries to protect the treasure against Cassim, in search of the Oracle. Accompanying Aladdin and Abu who left to challenge the forty thieves, the bird finally takes affection for their king and finds himself at his side locked in the sultan’s jails after the two try to seize the Oracle placed within the royal treasury. At the end of the game, Iago finally decides to leave Aladdin and Jasmine and follow Cassim on new adventures. He returns, however, and appears in the Disney movie Princess – The Wonderful Stories: Live Your Dreams.

Parrots name on Aladdin: Iago is also one of the prominent characters in Aladdin, the series, whose action lies between the two sequels to Aladdin. Present in almost every episode, the parrot becomes a grumpy character, constantly grumbling. Often paired with Abu, he accompanies Aladdin, Jasmine, and the genius in their adventures, constantly seeking with the help of the monkey to get his hands on various and varied treasures. He also falls in love with a new character, Thundra, a magical bird capable of influencing the climate. Still, on television, Iago is featured in Disney’s All in a Box series, alone or with Jafar, as well as in the two films Mickey, the magic of Christmas, and Mickey, the Club of Villains.

Parrot’s name on Aladdin Iago also appeared in the Broadway adaptation of the classic. But this time, the character is no longer a parrot but a man who assists Jafar in his dark designs. He was then played by Don Darryl Rivera. In Disney parks, it is mostly presented in the form of a puppet associated with Jafar. Notably integrated into the attraction The Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management alongside Zazu, he also appears in the show Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular.

Finally, Iago is a video game character. Present in the adaptation of Aladdin on Sega, he is also one of the protagonists of Aladdin, the Revenge of Nasira, but this time in the camp of Aladdin. Iago is also in the credits of the Kingdom Hearts saga, taking the same role as in the film, in the first part, and becoming the ally of the heroes, in the second.

Disney’s Aladdin Official Trailer

In 2019, Iago is part of the cast of Aladdin, the live-action remake of the 1992 classic. Entirely animated by a computer, the red and blue parrot then sees its role grow thicker. If it is no longer him, in fact, who chaparde the lamp to Aladdin, Jafar taking care of it himself, Iago is used during the final confrontation to destroy the young street boy and his beautiful princess. Having become gigantic thanks to the formidable magic of his master, he flies over the sky of Agrabah, destroying everything in his path. But the ending is not much different from that of the animated feature film. Returned to normal size, Iago ends up once again trapped in the lamp.
In the original version, Iago is voiced by Alan Tudyk, the voice of his Sugar Factory in The Worlds of Ralph, the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, and K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


Self-centered Brouillard, a real mill of words, but the ultimately repentant villain, Iago is one of those characters who, on a scale of 1 to 10, are worth at least 11!


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