Parrot Cartoon


Parrot Cartoon

How to draw an African Gray Parrot: Parrot Cartoon You can print the basic construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself by following the following steps …


1) Draw a rectangle that will define the proportions and the limits of the chosen design.
2) From the center of the rectangle, draw a vertical line and a horizontal line dividing the shape evenly.
3) Draw another horizontal line dividing the top half of the rectangle evenly. Likewise, draw a horizontal line evenly dividing the bottom half of the rectangle.
4) Draw a vertical line dividing the left half of the rectangle evenly. Likewise, draw a vertical line evenly dividing the right half of the rectangle.


Mark off the width and height of the parrots. Draw two ovals that will help define the location of his head and body. Draw a line that will serve as the center for the beak. Using light lines, define the location of the branch.


Draw the shape of the parrot’s body and neck. Add a line that will act as a guide for its tail.

STEP 3Define the location of the legs and center of the beak.

STEP 4Mark the shapes of the wings, legs, and beaks.


Draw the parrot’s wings, eyes,s, and toes, then add its tail.


Carefully trace the shapes of the eye and neck using smooth lines. Do the same for the wings and tail. Add the parrot’s nose and rear toes.


Work on the drawing, paying special attention to detail.


Outline the parrot, trying to vary the thickness of the line and the degree of darkness of the line. Add more details to the branch. Erase all the lines that served as guides.

How To Draw A Parrot

SOURCE:Art for Kids Hub


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