Budgie Gender

Budgie Genders

Budgie gender: How to identify the sex of a budgie? Male or Female Budgie? How to Identify the Differences ? Whether you want to buy a budgie or have just welcomed one into your home, you would definitely like to know if it is a male or a female. Even if budgies do not wear skirts or pants, it is possible to determine their sex by examining their behavior and listening to them. As a last resort, you can always ask a veterinarian.

Find the sex of a budgie thanks to its color

Look at your friend’s wax. The wax is the fleshy protuberance placed above the bird’s beak. Your partner’s nostrils are located on the wax. They look like 2 small holes and make the wax easily locatable. Although usually, the beak of all budgies has a yellowish coloration, the color of the wax is different depending on the sex.

Recognize a male

When they are in a breeding period, the wax of male parakeets is an intense or shiny blue. It can also sometimes appear purplish-blue. When the males are not in the breeding season, the wax will then become pale blue, a whitish blue.

  • If you know your budgie is male and your friend’s wax is brown, he may be sick.

Identify a female

When it comes to an adult, the wax of the parakeet is usually light brown or white. When it is fertile and able to produce eggs, the wax becomes darker or even pinkish brown. 

  • If it is a female in the breeding season, then the wax may swell and have a crust-like appearance. When it is fertile, your friend’s wax can be up to 1 cm thick.

Take into account the age of your bird

If your friend is less than 4 months old, it will be difficult for you to determine her gender by looking at her colors. Before she is 4 months old, the colored areas that can identify the sex of the budgie are transformed all the time. This does not make your mission completely impossible but complicates the task of ensuring that it is indeed a female or a male. If your bird has dark eyes, has not had its first molt, and if there are black lines from its head to wax, it is less than 4 months old.
  • When a budgie is less than 4 months old, the color of the wax is normally pink. For males, the wax will gradually turn purple and that of females will sometimes remain pink with white circles or it will become completely white. Between 8 and 12 months, the wax of your budgie is often purple or a beautiful bright pink, but the final color will not appear until your friend is about 1 year old. 

Try to determine the sex with the color of the wax

It is quite complex to know the sex of your bird by the colors it wears, because not only does the color of the wax change during the breeding season, but it can vary for other reasons. If a female has a hormonal imbalance, her wax can remain light blue for a very long time. Sometimes the color is different because of genetic mutations. By seeking to determine the sex based on wax under certain conditions, you will get an uncertain result.

  • The wax of albino parakeets can be pink, which will make it much more difficult to define whether it is a male or a female.

Use other techniques

All you need to know to detect the Budgie genders

Listen to your friend

Males are much noisier than female parakeets (I see your little smile…). A male babbles, sings, chirps, jabot, Paille, people, and ramage  … He can even sing for a very long time. Females also express themselves, but they are less musical and often seem in a bad mood.
  • Males can also learn to speak quickly.

Observe your bird’s behavior

If you see him raising and lowering his head frequently or pecking against the bars of the cage, it is probably a male. Males are curious and playful. Females may appear more aggressive when they are breeding, and they are submissive when they are not.

  • If you see one budgie pecking another or spitting food on another, don’t worry, it’s a male, and this behavior is normal during the breeding season.

Ask someone. If you go to a pet store to buy a budgie, the seller will tell you the sex of the bird that makes you crack. There are also small kits to test the DNA of budgies to know their sex!

  • You can get a quick and accurate answer by talking to a veterinarian. This professional is fully qualified and will quickly put an end to your concern.


  • When a budgie is tamed, you don’t have to take it in your hand. You just need to bring an outstretched finger or a piece of wood (a perch) and the bird will climb on it.
  • Sometimes males have slightly light blue legs while females’ legs may have a pink coloration.


  • Always be very gentle when handling a budgie. These birds are very fragile and their small bones can break easily. Never hold a budgie in your hands.

How to Tell if Your Budgie is a MALE or FEMALE?

SOURCE:Salvador Budgie

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